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Globber is a unique pistol manufactured by Hyperion. The Globber can be obtained by securing CL4P-L3K at the end of the Eradicate! optional mission.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Lob those globs! – Always corrosive. Increased damage and elemental effect chance, decreased fire rate. Projectiles travel in a low parabolic arc and will bounce twice off of surfaces, stopping if they strike an enemy.

Usage & Description[]

The Globber is most effectively used to deal damage over time due to its high elemental damage and effect chance, though this may be difficult in the first place due to its slow projectiles and low fire rate. The weapon can be made more effective In enclosed spaces, as the area will eventually be filled with bouncing projectiles.


  • The weapon's projectiles act similarly to those fired from the Tinderbox in Borderlands 2, but corrosive instead of incendiary and with an added bouncing effect.