Gladstone is a Hyperion Technician and supporting character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Gladstone is a Hyperion technician who started the Research and Development department aboard Helios. He was working on a project in the abandoned Dahl Titan Facility when he was attacked by scavs. He talked his way out of being killed by claiming he was a doctor. However he knew his time was almost at an end and was extremely relieved when the Vault Hunters arrived at the facility.


During the mission Let's Build a Robot Army, Gladstone meets the Vault Hunters and tells them about the prototype robot he was designing and building. Jack sees Gladstone has great potential and a head start on his robot army idea. Jack then "hires" Gladstone to finish building a prototype constructor. He walks the Vault Hunters through the facility having them fend off scavs while putting the finishing touches on the prototype.

Back on the Helios space station Gladstone helps Jack and the vault hunters try to reclaim the station. In the R & D section he asks the vault hunters to gather up some of his colleagues to help them.

Unfortunately once their usefulness had expired, Jack sealed the scientists, including Gladstone, in the airlock next to his office after Gladstone accidentally suggested Zarpedon may have had another mole in Hyperion (one of multiple speculations). Jack, however, acted upon this theory immediately, not leaving anything to chance. He ejected the airlock and all four men inside despite Gladstone's pleas. The other three scientists were instantly sucked into space. Gladstone hung on to the window for dear life only to get crushed when some debris struck him as it was sucked out, leaving him nothing more than a blood smear on the glass.


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