Girth Blaster Elite is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Torgue. It is automatically given to players with the Gearbox Toy Box Weapons Pack installed, which is included in the Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition and Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition.

Special Weapon Effects

Don't go to pieces on me. – Reduced damage. Shoots suction darts that will stick to enemies and surfaces on impact.

Usage & Description

The Girth Blaster Elite is a joke weapon with no apparent practicality in combat or advantage when compared to a common rarity Torgue pistol. The sticking effect of the darts is purely cosmetic and has no actual effect in combat.


  • The Girth Blaster Elite never spawns with an elemental capacitor and does not have an alternative fire mode.
  • The Girth Blaster Elite does not deal splash damage, unlike typical Torgue weapons.


  • The weapon is a reference to the Nerf brand of toys with its name, bright color scheme, use of suction darts and the "GIRTH" printed in capitalized letters in a fashion similar to the brand's toy guns.
  • The flavor text is a reference to the 1980 song Don't Go To Pieces.
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