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Giant Spores are semi-intelligent lighter-than-air plants that drift through the skies above Aegrus. They typically float high in the sky, constantly emitting their signature "call" akin to alien-like laughter.

Their forms consist of a spherical pod with a ventral aperture on their underside. A trio of long fins protrude from their sides, affording them a limited degree of locomotion, both to adjust their altitude and direction.



There are five varieties of Giant Spore that appear throughout various areas of Aegrus: Giant Corrosive Spore, Giant Explosive Spore, Giant Incendiary Spore, Giant Shock Spore, and the rarer Slagged Spore, each of which are distinguishable by causing damage appropriate to and the color of their respective element.

If Giant Spores are left ignored they are not hostile, although they will immediately become hostile to anything that harms them. In the event they sustain damage, they will pursue the target that hurt them, ejecting slow-moving small spores from their ventral aperture that act as homing bombs of their same element. This ventral aperture also serves as their critical hit spot.

All variants of the Giant Spores except for the Giant Explosive Spore can launch elemental ranged attacks at their targets, the Corrosive Spore spits balls of acid, the Incendiary Spore launches fireballs, the Shock Spore launches balls of lightning, and the Slagged Spore launches spheres of slag.

Upon their death, they harmlessly detonate, releasing four of these homing small spores as a final attack.

In Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, a new version of the Giant Spore will spawn, this variant is green in color and attacks by launching balls of slag at the Vault Hunter much like the Slagged Spore. But upon defeat it will simply detonate and will not release any homing small spores. In True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they're renamed Necrotizing Spores.


  • Giant Spores are considered badass enemies. When becoming hostile, they may trigger character responses.
  • The rare Slagged Spores are one of the targets for the mission I Like My Monsters Rare.