The Giant Shuggurath of Ice is a unique shuggurath found in Frozen Gulch, located in the south-east corner of Triton Flats. It is named the Mountainous and Towering Shuggarath of Ice in the higher game modes.


This shuggurath is encountered in the final stage of the mission, Bunch of Ice Holes. It lurks beneath the ice, but is disturbed when struck by Nurse Nina's drill.

Like other ice shugguraths, it is accompanied by a swarm of rathyds. Its primary attacks are also the same: spinning to release both a cryo mist and thorns (ice shards), and launching additional thorns using its flippers. The thorns can be avoided by ducking behind one of the many rock pillars in the cave. It will drift slowly after the player if they retreat, but can be easily out-paced by boost-jumping. Its eyes are critical hit locations. Since the cave is a vacuum environment, explosive and shock weapons are the most effective.



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  • Drops the following skins: Elven Armor (Athena), I Despise This Color (Aurelia), Metal Highlights (Claptrap), Ice Breaker (Jack), Cyan Night (Nisha), and Cyan Shadows (Wilhelm)
  • Has an increased chance to drop the legendary pistol, Zim
  • Once the mission is completed, this enemy will reappear after each map load

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