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Big, and ugly, with blue-green coloring along the back with a dull orange underbelly, Giant Scythids are easy to spot. They are also tougher and harder hitting than the other breeds of regular scythid, but fortunately these behemoths are limited in their attack patterns. They will steadily approach prey, their heads raised, and swipe with a slashing attack, or they will leap from close range to initiate at knock back strike.

The easiest ways to kill them is with any rapid fire weapon while backing up, or unloading repeated blasts from a shotgun into their vulnerable underbelly. Due to their size and vulnerability to regular damage sniper rifles and accurate combat rifles are effective at range.



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  • In Playthrough 2 they are renamed Mommoth Scythid, and in Playthrough 2.5 they are renamed Colossal Scythid.