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Ghost is a unique Alpha Skag found in a small cave in The Burrows.


Ghost's cave is found on the right-hand side along the path, not far from the Dahl Abandon map connection and is filled with cold air and ice. As the Vault Hunter enters the cave, a horn sounds and their view is covered with ice around the edges. In the center of the cave is a sword stuck in the ground and interacting with it spawns Ghost from one of the dens.



  • Ghost is vulnerable to incendiary damage, and not a particularly challenging foe. Ghost will use attacks typical for Alpha Skags but will not pursue Vault Hunters if they leave the cave. From a safe position, Vault Hunters can then shoot at Ghost with any weapons at their disposal.


  • Ghost will drop the Winter is Over relic when killed.
  • When the sword is interacted with to spawn Ghost, wolf howling can be heard.
    • The sword can be interacted with on each visit but will summon Ghost only once per play session.
  • Apart from the blurred vision and causing the Vault Hunters to grunt in pain, the cold of the cave does not injure Vault Hunters.