Ghosts are apparitions from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Ghosts were created when a pile of tork carcasses and Schmidt, a Dahl employee who slipped and fell in, got mixed up in a cargo fast travel system. The system fails to recognize the difference between a human and a tork and still attempts to digistruct the supposed payload. As a result, they've been haunting the Sub-Level 13 ever since.


Ghosts are hostile entities featured in the Sub-Level 13 and Sub-Level 13: Part 2 missions. When Pickle had not heard from Harry who he sent to recover a space fold inverter, he sends the Vault Hunters to investigate. Ghosts then proceed to attack them while they cannot fight back until the E-GUN offers to help. Armed with it, the Vault Hunters fight their way to the consoles, killing ghosts on the way. After all three consoles are down, all ghosts vanish immediately and are never seen for the rest of the game.



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In all playthroughs, the Ghost is named as "Ghostly apparition".

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