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Gettle is a Hyperion soldier found on Boot Hill during the optional mission The Good, The Bad, and the Mordecai.


According to Mordecai, Gettle is a Hyperion goon looking for his treasure chest. He is aware that Carson knows its location, and imprisoned him in the Friendship Gulag to interrogate him.


Gettle is found along with Mobley, a treasure hunter intent on finding the loot stashed by Carson. Shortly after the hidden stash is unearthed, Mobley appears, and shortly thereafter, Gettle will appear as well. When Gettle appears, Mobley suggests that all of the combatants fight for the loot with a Truxican standoff. Mobley and Gettle are both killed by the Vault Hunters shortly after.



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  • Gettle has an increased chance to drop the legendary Lyuda sniper rifle.
  • Gettle is armored and will always spawn with a shield. Shots from an incendiary weapon to his head do not incur a damage penalty.


  • Like many Hyperion Loaders, Gettle spawns from the air, but is unique in that he can be attacked before landing, albeit only after The Good, The Bad, and the Mordecai has been completed.