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Getting Lucky is your first quest in the Dahl Headlands. It takes you to one of the only vending machine areas in the area.


Lucky Zaford is the proprietor of Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole. His shop is the main commerce hub for the Dahl Headlands as it has all 3 vending machines , a New-U Station, Lucky's Bounty Board and a Catch-A-Ride.


Head to the Last Chance Waterin' Hole and rescue Lucky Zaford, who is being held captive by the local bandits.


Rescue Lucky Zaford at the Last Chance Waterin' Hole.
  • Bandits killed: 0/15
  • Lucky rescued: 0/1
"You showed up at just the right time! Bandits decided to lay siege to the Last Chance Waterin' Hole to the south, and my friend Lucky is trapped inside! He called me for help just before you showed up. I wasn't sure what to do, but you're here now. Please, go help my friend."


After you reach Ernest, you learn that Lucky has been taken captive at a nearby town. Take a vehicle to the town and you have to dismount to rescue him. There are 2 general areas to clear in the town, with the second being opened when you reach it. There are a lot of bandits and psycho enemies running around trying to kill you. When you finally reach the building where Lucky is being held, a Badass Bruiser will bust out and start to attack you. Kill him and open the cell to Lucky and chat him up. Don't forget to open the backdoor!


" Thanks, man. You really saved my bacon there. We really need to do something about these bandits. They're like drunk, pissed off hornets now that Sledge is dead."

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  • There is a silver weapon crate on the roof of the building Lucky is in. You can gain access with a little jumping at the back of the building.

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