Get Your Motor Running is a story mission given by Tina through the Crater Battle Board. The mission is performed in Southern Raceway.


"The next highest-ranked gladiator on the Torgue leaderboard is Motor Momma. She's hiding out on the Southern Raceway and won't reveal herself to any but the most worthy of opponents.
Now that you've gotten her attention, you're free to go meet Motor Momma, and kill the living hell out of her."



  • Turn on gate power
  • Follow power cables
  • Enter raceway gate
  • Assemble for fight
  • Find Motor Momma
  • Defeat Motor Momma
  • Return to Moxxi


The mission is very straightforward up until the fight with Motor Momma.

The fight itself has two stages. In the first stage she will drive around on her bike while firing rockets. Soon a group of bikes will join the fight which can be used for second wind. When her health bar is depleted, her bike will break down and she will continue on foot.

The second stage is less hectic than the first stage. Motor Momma will move at walking speed after the loss of her bike. During this stage she activates a powerful shield and will switch to her rocket launcher to fire multiple volleys of rockets. These rockets are slow enough that they can be evaded by a fast moving target.

One effective strategy is to use the scaffolding as cover. Motor Momma cannot shoot her rockets through the openings in the scaffolding, but Vault Hunters can shoot bullets through. There is also some cover in the entrance to the arena.


"Thanks to your efforts, Motor Momma is now driving across that great speedway in the sky.
Just kidding.
She's in hell."

Turn In: Moxxi


  • Motor Momma's bike remains in the arena while she is on foot, and disappears when she is finally eliminated.
  • Motor Momma and her bike have multiple in-line hit boxes between them, making her extremely vulnerable to burst fire attacks enhanced by B0re.


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