General Traunt is a respawnable boss encountered in Borderlands 3. He is encountered for the first time in Desolation's Edge during the story mission Footsteps of Giants.


General Traunt, or General Daniel Traunt by full name, is in command of Maliwan expeditionary force tasked with taking control of the abandoned Eridian facilities in Desolation's Edge and Tazendeer Ruins. He is also the older brother of the late Captain Samuel Traunt who was unfortunate enough to cross paths with Vault Hunters.



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  • General Traunt will only respawn after Footsteps of Giants has been completed.
  • General Traunt has a chance to drop the S3RV-80S-EXECUTE on Mayhem Mode 4 and above.
  • General Traunt has a chance to drop the D.N.A. on Mayhem Mode 6 and above.
  • General Traunt has more siblings than just Captain Traunt, he mentions at least seven more by name in the "Vengeance" Echo Log in the Tazendeer Ruins.
    • These siblings being Beck-o, Randal, Dante, Michael, Eric, April, and Connor.
    • As he says "and the rest" at the end of this list, it can be assumed that there are more Traunt siblings than just the ones listed.

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