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GeniVIV is a respawnable boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


GeniVIV is a Maliwan brand security AI installed onboard the now-defunct Jakobs flagship Family Jewel. She was installed by Montgomery Jakobs, and apparently has over 200 personalities programmed into her. The current active one is a "bratty, emotionally immature girl" personality chosen after Montgomery Jakobs took a liking to her affectionate pet names.

GenIVIV was installed alongside BALEX, a Tediore navigation AI. At first, she cooperated with BALEX and eventually started a "relationship" together with him, but that didn't last for very long. According to BALEX, as much as the two enjoyed each other, it could never work out because they came from different manufacturers. GENiVIV soon staged a mutiny and overthrew BALEX, sending his AI into a stuffed bear and ejected it while removing all of his privileges on the Family Jewel.

Having contained a piece of Eden-6's Vault key, GeniVIV soon moved it from the security brig to the bridge. She was contacted by Aurelia Hammerlock, who offered her a dreadnaught of her own if she gave the Vault key fragment to her, which she eagerly accepted.


After rescuing BALEX from a Saurian, the Vault Hunter informed him that they were sent by Wainwright Jakobs to secure the Vault key fragment. BALEX directed them to the remains of the Family Jewel, where GeniVIV greeted the pair and toyed with BALEX by opening doors for the pair to tease his navigational skills. As they progressed deeper, they soon encountered a locked door which she refused to open, and instead told the pair to do it themselves. The Vault Hunter was nearly electrocuted, but a recovery bot came out and resuscitated the Vault Hunter before becoming hostile when BALEX spoke to it.

As the pair continued exploring the shipwreck, GENiVIV sent more bots to attack the group. When this failed, she soon called in several jabbers using sounds she had heard to attract them for a "mating" ritual. Despite her efforts, the Vault Hunter soon reached the brig, while BALEX disabled her protective shield, forcing her to fight. She was presumed destroyed in the resulting battle, although she secretly survived.

She soon managed to hack Sanctuary III, intending to honor her deal with Aurelia. Though initially unhappy with the lack of weapons on the ship, she preferred it over the Family Jewel and ordered the bots to kill the human crew. Fortunately, the Vault Hunter inserted BALEX into the ship's AI, who quickly threw her out of the system and into a hard drive which Marcus Kincaid would be entrusted with. He would later create a shield out of her, the Messy Breakup.



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  • GenIVIV has an increased chance of dropping the legendary items:
  • GenIVIV can drop the legendary shotgun Reflux at Mayhem 6 mode and above.