Gemini is the tier 6 skill in Axton's Survival skill tree. It allows Axton to deploy two turrets. The second turret can be deployed at any time after the first is placed on the field, and it has the same duration as the first. Most turret upgrades, including Longbow Turret, Phalanx Shield, Scorched Earth, Mag-Lock, Double Up, and Nuke, apply to the second turret if the player has invested in those skills.

Special Skill Text

"Sometimes one just isn't enough."


  • Both turrets will share the same cooldown. When the first turret is placed, the turret duration bar appears in the bottom center of the screen and starts counting down (as normal). The Action Skill key can now be pressed again now to place the second turret. Once the bar is empty, both turrets will be removed simultaneously. Thus, it is best to deploy the second turret as soon as possible, after deploying the first turret.
  • Unlike Double Up, Gemini imposes no penalty on each turret's bullet damage. A Gemini turret with Scorched Earth rocket pods will suffer the penalty from that skill.
  • Recalling the first turret deployed will reclaim both simultaneously. The cooldown recovered will not differ from the amount of turrets reclaimed.
    • If the first turret is recalled while the second turret is in the process of deployment, the second turret will be destroyed. This registers as a kill for the player, and will activate kill skills such as Quick Charge.
  • If Axton has the Sentry skill, the second turret will receive the duration bonus from the skill, but not the burst count bonus.
  • If the second turret is destroyed, it can be redeployed, so long as the first turret has not expired or been destroyed. If the first turret is destroyed, but the second turret still remains, the first cannot be redeployed. Nuke will be activated as normal for each additional deployment.

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