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Gearbot is the name for the AI in Borderlands.


Gearbot has control of most randomized things, such as weapons that are dropped from enemies or found in chests, vehicles (both used by players and the enemy AI), and the layout of the game world, even going to lengths to change the orientation of stairs and cover. It will not change the locations of main roads and cities, as they remain in the same location for every game, in order to make the gameplay less confusing.


The enemies are always different. Bandits mostly use SMGs and shotguns, while the Crimson Lance use combat rifles, SMGs, pistols, and shields, but each and every enemy has a few things different about them. Although enemies may be different from each other, their general locations in localized areas will always follow convention. For example, a bandit will never crawl from a skag hole, and vice versa. Skags will always dominate Skag Gully, etc. Although there are many different enemies, one of the same enemy wouldn't be much different (if different at all) from another of its same name (ex. one Skag Whelp is exactly the same as another, the only possible difference would be the level).


Although most creatures do look extremely similar to their counterparts, most creatures have different powers, some will simply melee attack while others will shoot fire. Some will roll around doing extra damage, while some will have extra elemental properties.


Every piece of equipment is different, even by the tiniest bit, except maybe those from boss enemies. This does not mean that every single piece of equipment is visually different, merely that there are an almost uncountable number of statistical combinations on equipment.


Every single weapon an enemy carries is different. Some shoot explosive rounds, some are more accurate. But every one is different. Again, this does not mean that every single weapon is visually different, but merely that every single weapon has different statistics.

Just as every single weapon an enemy carries is different from the next, every weapon available to players is different. Considering the number of items available as a whole in Borderlands, somewhere around +17,000,000, the odds of picking up two identical weapons is dramatically low.


Enemies tend to appear similar, such as two low-level bandits standing next to each other, but every enemy has different armor stats, if even by the tiniest bit. Gearbox uses a similar procedural generator to create enemies just as their guns are created.

Weapon Chests[]

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