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Gear Extractor is a teleportation system introduced in and exclusive to the Designer's Cut DLC for Borderlands 3.
The devices seem to use the same concept as digistructing; deconstructing the deposited items and reconstructing them at the character's bank onboard the Sanctuary III.


Gear Extractor is used to send any piece of equipment to the character's bank. Once a piece of equipment is extracted, it is no longer available in the match.
Empty bank space is required to extract the equipment.
Any equipment not extracted before the end of the match will be lost.
Only a limited number of items can be extracted from each Gear Extractor so characters should choose wisely what items they want to keep.

Gear Extractor Access

There are up to 4 Gear Extractor stations scattered around the Stormblind Complex. 3 of them can extract up to 3 items each while the one located in the Deepstorm Depths can extract up to 5 items. It is therefore possible to extract up to 14 items per match. Once used, Gear Extractors cannot be used again during the current match.
To access the Gear Extractor, characters must interact with the terminal and choose items from their backpacks they want extracted. While operating the terminal, characters are exposed to attacks and are unable to defend them selves. It is a good practice to clean up the area before trying to access the terminal.
Extracted items are stored in the characters banks even if they lose the match.

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