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Gear increases players statistics in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.


When defeating strong enemies like The Dragon Lord or Zomboss, you have to adjust your playstyle by equipping the right type of gear to deal better damage and critical damage.

Rings and Amulets are essential pieces of jewelry, as they enhance your Fatemaker's build with a variety of impactful effects, buffs, and stat increases.

Types of Gear


All amulets are manufactured by Vatu.


Armor is manufactured by Kleave, Swifft, and Valora.


All rings are manufactured by Vatu.


Shields are manufactured by Ashen, Hyperius, and Pangoblin.

Spell Books

Spell books are manufactured by Arken, Conjura, Miraculum, and Wyrdweaver.

Related Achievements

Name Description Points Trophy
Shop, Drop, and Roleplay Pick up and redeem a cosmetic item 10 G Bronze
Put the RNG in Orange Find an enchanted legendary weapon in the world. 30 G Silver
Keep On Rollin’ Enchant or re-enchant an item. 20 G Bronze