The Gasher is a Legendary Submachine Gun manufactured by Torgue.

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Special Weapon Effects

Tear it up – Fires in three-round bursts, decreased accuracy, increased recoil, firerate, damage, and clip size.

Usage & Description

The Gasher is a SMG variant favoring even closer-range engagement than most SMGs. Unlike other SMGs, the Gasher fires in semiautomatic bursts of three rounds in short succession. To fire more than three rounds, the trigger needs to be pulled again. Coupled with the burst-fire and comparably terrible accuracy of burst-fire weapons, these odd handling characteristics make the Gasher a sometimes unpopular weapon. The role of a powerful semiauto-burst weapon (for the Gasher's special effect also increases damage) is better fulfilled by a Combat Rifle, which tends to be more accurate, more powerful, and faster-firing, though the Gasher usually has superior magazine capacity and weapon equip speed.


  • Gashers with the "Double" prefix will fire 6 rounds with every pull of the trigger for an ammo cost of 6. These weapons operate very similarly to high-capacity, quick-reloading shotguns.
  • When selecting a Gasher, optimize for damage over rate of fire or recoil handling, since they are not sustained-fire weapons. Harder-hitting recoil-challenged bodies like RF or KKA make fine Gashers. Any stock that slows reload time is less desirable. Unstocked Gashers are excellent point-blank weapons.


The Gasher effect comes from the barrel2_Torgue_Gasher barrel. It is based on barrel2, which has high damage at the cost of lower accuracy and higher recoil. Like most Torgue specific parts barrel2_Torgue_Gasher further defines barrel2 with even more damage and recoil, and even less accuracy. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel2_Torgue_Gasher barrel2
Damage: +50%
Accuracy Maximum: -20%
Accuracy Minimum: +20%
Recoil: +50%
Spread: +50%
Burst Count: +300%
Fire Rate: +50%
Clip Size: +4
Tech Level: +1
Damage: +15%
Accuracy Maximum: -20%
Accuracy Minimum: +20%
Recoil: +20%
Spread: +28%

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