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Gamble is the title of a group of pump-action sniper rifles with increased critical damage (+50%) and tech, but decreased accuracy.

Gamble rifles are not affected by any weapon accuracy bonuses, like those imparted by Mordecai's class mods or his Focus skill.

Examples are on the talk page.


  • The name suggests that using it is a 'gamble', due to its high damage and low accuracy. The gun exchanges accuracy for damage, therefore, the gun has less of a chance for a critical hit, even with the sight trained on a target's head. But should a round strike the target in the head, it will likely be a fatal blow.
  • Only Jakobs and Vladof manufacture Gamble sniper rifles.


Gamble is a Title (Title_LowAccuracy1_Gamble) bestowed upon sniper rifles who's accuracy is lower 94.7. It further refines the weapon's traits by tripling its "inaccuracy", and increasing its critical hit damage and tech. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Critical Damage: +50%
Spread: +200%
Tech Level: +5