Skins available and unlockable for Gaige. A total of 15 Heads and 86 Skins can be unlocked for Gaige. The non-default heads and skins can be unlocked through random enemy drops, specific (though often rare) enemy drops, quest rewards, challenge rewards, downloadable content and in-game trading with other players.

Gaige is a few heads and skins shorter than other characters. Specifically, she does not have a Vault Veteran Head or Skin (BL1 save), a Special Edition Head or Skin, or a Badass drop head.




Picture Description
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png A Misfit
Drop from Stalkers
Gaige-skin-a study in red A Study in Red
Gaige-skin-acid washed Acid Washed
Gaige-skin-and hell followed with her And Hell Followed With Her
Gaige-skin-angry machine Angry Machine
Challenge reward from "Pull the Pin" Level 3
Gaige-skin-bandit blood and rust Bandit Blood and Rust
Item of the day
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Bandit Incineration
Challenge reward from "Knee-Deep in Brass" Level 5
Gaige-skin-bandit war paint Bandit War Paint
Challenge reward from "Marauder? I Hardly Knew 'Er" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Beyond the Pale
Drop from Threshers
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Blue Sky
Challenge reward from "Fisticuffs!" Level 3
Gaige-skin-break some jaws Break Some Jaws
Challenge reward from "Shotgun!" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Bring the Pain
Challenge reward from "Badass Bingo" Level 5
Gaige-skin-bye bye baby Bye Bye Baby
x200px Candy Apple
Challenge reward from "EXPLOOOOOSIONS!" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Candy Cane
Drop from Vermivorous the Invincible
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Candy Corn
Drop from Saturn
Gaige-skin-cherry bomb Cherry Bomb
Challenge reward from "Rocket and Roll" Level 3
Gaige-skin-chilling and killing Chilling and Killing
Gaige-skin-citrus salvation Citrus Salvation
Gaige-skin-clashing colors Clashing Colors
Quest reward from No Vacancy
Gaige-skin-colorblind Colorblind
Challenge reward from "Not Full of Monkeys" Level 3
Gaige-skin-cool as ice Cool as Ice
Challenge reward from "Open Pandora's Boxes" Level 3
Gaige-skin-cool cool cool Cool Cool Cool
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Crimson Raiding
Challenge reward from "Hail of Bullets" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Dahl Efficiency
Gaige-skin-dahl elite Dahl Elite
Item of the day
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Dahl Predator
Challenge reward from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle" Level 5
Gaige-skin-dead lincolns Dead Lincolns
Quest reward from The Overlooked: Medicine Man
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Denim Dynamite
Challenge reward from "Longshot" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Distorted Socially
Drop from Dukino's Mom
Gaige-skin-dont call her green Don't Call Her Green
Challenge reward from "It's Not Easy Looting Green" Level 3
Gaige-skin-dont drink the water Don't Drink The Water
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Don't Feel Blue
Drop from Son of Mothrakk
Gaige-skin-ecstastic tuesdays Ecstastic Tuesdays
Challenge reward from "The Killer" Level 3
Gaige-skin-emerald executioner Emerald Executioner
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Firestarter
Drop from Captain Flynt
Gaige-skin-gaiges school uniform Gaige's School Uniform
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Gearbox
only for Gearbox members
Gaige-skin-girly rotten Girly Rotten
x200px Green Meanie
Challenge reward from "Super Novas" Level 3
x200px Gummi Worm
Challenge reward from "Blue Sparks" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Gumming the Works
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Horrible Religion
Challenge reward from "Aggravated Assault" Level 3
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Hyperion Heroism
Challenge reward from "Load and Lock" Level 3
Gaige-skin-hyperion honor Hyperion Honor
Item of the day
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Hyperion Hornet
Challenge reward from "Eviscerated" Level 5
Gaige-skin-its always sunny on pandora It's Always Sunny On Pandora
Gaige-skin-jakobs family Jakobs Family
Quest reward from Capture the Flags
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Jakobs Filligree
Challenge reward from "Quickdraw" Level 5
Gaige-skin-jakobs old-fashioned Jakobs Old-Fashioned
Item of the day
Gaige-skin-joy divide Joy Divide
Quest reward from To Grandmother's House We Go
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Lemon Swirl
Challenge reward from "This Is No Time for Lazy!" Level 5
Gaige-skin-licorice whip Licorice Whip
Quest reward from Shielded Favors
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Lime Lollipop
Gaige-skin-loud and proud Loud and Proud
Gaige-skin-maliwan elegance Maliwan Elegance
Challenge reward from "Slag-Licked" Level 5
x200px Maliwan Grace
Challenge geward from "I Just Want to Set the World on Fire" Level 5
Gaige-skin-maliwan style Maliwan Style
Item of the day
Gaige-skin-minecraft Minecraft
Drop from Creepers
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Miss Ramone
Drop from King Mong
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Muddy and Bloody
Drop from Chubbies
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png None Blacker
Drop from Assassins in Southpaw Steam & Power
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Pink Pandoracorn
Challenge reward from "Nothing Rhymes with Orange" Level 5
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Pop and Rock
Drop from Terramorphous the Invincible
Gaige-skin-punk you Punk You
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Pure Velvet
Drop from any enemy
Gaige-skin-reddy steddy go Reddy Steddy Go
Gaige-skin-reptilian brain Reptillian Brain
x200px Rosy and Riveting
Drop from Spiderants
Gaige-skin-snot stew Snot Stew
Quest reward from The Cold Shoulder
Gaige-skin-sour apple Sour Apple
Challenge reward from "Whaddaya Buyin'?" Level 3
Gaige-skin-stark raving Stark Raving
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Steampunky
Gaige-skin-stinger missile Stinger Missile
Halloween Shift code in 2012
Gaige-skin-streets ahead Streets Ahead
Gaige-skin-sun blister Sun Blister
Gaige-skin-tediore customer service Tediore Customer Service
Slot machine three 7s
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Tediore Low Price
Item of the day
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Tediore Value
Challenge reward for "Boomerbang" Level 5
Gaige-skin-torgue explosiveness Torgue Explosiveness
Challenge reward from "Boom." Level 3
Gaige-skin-torgue high octane Torgue High Octane
Item of the day
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Torgue Speed Demon
Challenge reward from "Catch-a-Rocket!" Level 5
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Vladof Freedom
Challenge reward from "Ammo Eater" Level 5
File:Gaige-skin placeholder.png Vladof Revolution
Item of the day
Gaige-skin-vladof sickle Vladof Sickle
Slot machine three 7s
Gaige-skin-YESFX YESFX
Challenge reward from "For the Hoard!" Level 3


  • Unlike the other characters, Gaige's in-game default skin differs from the one used in the official promotional images. The actual in-game version has a much bleaker, less saturated look.
  • Gaige's Sinful Sweetheart head is a reference to Ema Skye, of the Ace Attorney series, specifically her haircut as an adult in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
  • Gaige's Metal Blood head is a reference to Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, of the Mass Effect series. Like Gaige, Tali is also an engineer with a talent for robotics, and shares Gaige's ability to summon a robotic companion to assist her in battle(in her case, a holographic drone).
  • The skin "Horrible Religion" is inspired by the School Uniform of Miku Hatsune, a famous Popstar in Japan. The colors are exactly the same in the right place.
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