Gaige Customization

A total of 33 Heads and 101 Skins can be unlocked for Gaige. The non-default heads and skins can be unlocked through random enemy drops, specific (though rare) enemy drops, mission rewards, challenge rewards, SHiFT code promotions, downloadable content, special promotional packages and in-game trading with other players.

Default Heads

Heads that come unlocked with Borderlands 2 to begin customization.

BL2-Gaige-Head-Bang Bangs
Bang Bangs


BL2-Gaige-Head-Keeping it Real
Keeping it Real

Unlockable Heads (Main Game)

Tradable heads that can be unlocked through game play.

BL2-Gaige-Head-Digitized Death

Digitized Death
Rare drop from BNK3R


Dropped by Geary, rare drop from The Warrior

BL2-Gaige-Head-Handsome Jack's Mask

Handsome Jack's Mask
Rare drop from The Warrior, See note 1 below


Lovely Corpse
Rare drop from Vermivorous the Invincible

BL2-Gaige-Head-Mecha Wrecka

Mecha Wrecka
Rank 5 ...To Pay the Bills challenge

BL2-Gaige-Head-Metal Blood

Metal Blood
Rare drop from Henry the Stalker

BL2-Gaige-Head-Pig Rider

Pig Rider
Common drop from Badass Creepers

BL2-Gaige-Head-Read All About It

Read All About It
Mission reward from Symbiosis

BL2-Gaige-Head-Sinful Sweetheart

Sinful Sweetheart
Mission reward from Statuesque

BL2-Gaige-Head-Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil
Mission reward from In Memoriam


Rare drop from Terramorphous the Invincible

  1. Handsome Jack's Mask: The mask is obtained several ways. Handsome Jack always drops a purple mask (blue during single player on PS3) that can be unlocked for any single character. The Warrior and the Handsome Sorcerer may drop a legendary mask that is class specific and unlocks for every character of that class, like all other in game customizations.

Unlockable Heads (DLC Content)

Tradable heads that can be unlocked through DLC content game play.

BL2-Gaige-Head-A Bone to Pick

A Bone to Pick
From Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre

BL2-Gaige-Head-Be Cool

Be Cool
From How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

BL2-Gaige-Head-Bullet Buccaneer

Bullet Buccaneer
Mission reward for X Marks The Spot in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty

BL2-Gaige-Head-Fowl Play

Fowl Play
From The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler

BL2-Gaige-Head-Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey
Torgue Vending Machine in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage

BL2-Gaige-Head-Neverending and Gory

Neverending and Gory
Mission reward for A History of Simulated Violence in The Raid on Digistruct Peak

BL2-Gaige-Head-Pithy Rejoinder

Pithy Rejoinder
Mission reward for The Fall of Nakayama in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt


From T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest

BL2-Gaige-Head-Stuck In My Craw

Stuck In My Craw
From Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax

BL2-Gaige-Head-Wayfarer Wizard

Wayfarer Wizard
Rare drop from Dice Chests in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep; SHiFT Code

DLC Package Heads

Paid DLC heads that are unlocked in the customization menu directly. They are account-bound and cannot be traded.

BL2-Gaige-Head-Bright Idea

Bright Idea
Mechromancer Steampunk Slayer Pack

BL2-Gaige-Head-Don't Stop the Beat

Don't Stop the Beat
Mechromancer Beatmaster Pack

BL2-Gaige-Head-Furry Ferocity

Furry Ferocity
Mechromancer Domination Pack

BL2-Gaige-Head-Horned Child

Horned Child
Mechromancer Madness Pack


Mechromancer Supremacy Pack

Other Heads

Heads that are unlocked through other games/means. They are account-bound and cannot be traded.

49520 2013-10-04 00001
Swag-Filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest
BL2-Gaige-Head-Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity
Reward from Poker Night 2
BL2-Gaige-A Bullet In Her Bonnet
A Bullet In Her Bonnet
2013 Community Day event
*Also Drops rarely from any suitable loot source
BL2-Gaige-Head-The Girl From The Moon
The Girl From The Moon
SHiFT code for The Pre-Sequel
*Also Drops rarely from any suitable loot source

Default Skins

Skins that come unlocked with Borderlands 2 to begin customization.

Gaige-skin-a study in red
A Study in Red

Gaige-skin-acid washed
Acid Washed

Gaige-skin-and hell followed with her
And Hell Followed With Her

Gaige-skin-bye bye baby
Bye Bye Baby

Gaige-skin-chilling and killing
Chilling and Killing

Gaige-skin-citrus salvation
Citrus Salvation

Gaige-skin-cool cool cool
Cool Cool Cool

Gaige-skin-dont drink the water
Don't Drink The Water

Gaige-skin-emerald executioner
Emerald Executioner

Gaige-skin-gaiges school uniform
Gaige's School Uniform

Gaige-skin-girly rotten
Girly Rotten

Gaige-skin-its always sunny on pandora
It's Always Sunny On Pandora

Gaige-skin-loud and proud
Loud and Proud

Gaige-skin-punk you
Punk You

Gaige-skin-reddy steddy go
Reddy Steddy Go

Gaige-skin-reptilian brain
Reptillian Brain

Gaige-skin-stark raving
Stark Raving

Gaige-skin-streets ahead
Streets Ahead

Gaige-skin-sun blister
Sun Blister

Unlockable Skins (Main Game)

Tradable skins that can be unlocked through game play.

The Torgue High Octane and Torgue Explosiveness skins can also be obtained from Torgue Vending Machines in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.

Gaige-skin-a misfit

A Misfit
Rare drop from Stalkers

Gaige-skin-angry machine

Angry Machine
Rank 3 Pull the Pin challenge

Gaige-skin-bandit blood and rust

Bandit Blood and Rust
Item of the Day


Bandit Incineration
Rank 5 Knee-Deep in Brass challenge

Gaige-skin-bandit war paint

Bandit War Paint
Rank 3 Marauder? I Hardly Know 'Er challenge


Beyond the Pale
Rare drop from Threshers

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Blue Sky

Blue Sky
Rank 3 Fisticuffs! challenge

Gaige-skin-break some jaws

Break Some Jaws
Rank 3 Shotgun! challenge


Bring the Pain
Rank 5 Badass Bingo challenge

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Candy Apple

Candy Apple
Rank 3 EXPLOOOOOSIONS! challenge


Candy Cane
Rare drop from Vermivorous the Invincible


Candy Corn
Rare drop from Saturn

Gaige-skin-cherry bomb

Cherry Bomb
Rank 3 Rocket and Roll challenge

Gaige-skin-clashing colors

Clashing Colors
Mission reward from No Vacancy


Rank 3 Not Full of Monkeys challenge

Gaige-skin-cool as ice

Cool as Ice
Rank 3 Open Pandora's Boxes challenge

Gaige-skin-crimson raiding

Crimson Raiding
Rank 5 Hail of Bullets challenge

49520 2013-10-04 00014

Dahl Efficiency
Random drop from any suitable loot source

Gaige-skin-dahl elite

Dahl Elite
Item of the Day


Dahl Predator
Rank 5 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle challenge

Gaige-skin-dead lincolns

Dead Lincolns
Mission reward from The Overlooked: Medicine Man


Denim Dynamite
Rank 3 Longshot challenge


Distorted Socially
Rare drop from Dukino's Mom

Gaige-skin-dont call her green

Don't Call Her Green
Rank 3 It's Not Easy Looting Green challenge


Don't Feel Blue
Rare drop from Son of Mothrakk

Gaige-skin-ecstastic tuesdays

Ecstastic Tuesdays
Rank 3 The Killer challenge


Rare drop from Captain Flynt

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Green Meanie

Green Meanie
Rank 3 Super Novas challenge

Gaige-skin-gummi worm

Gummi Worm
Rank 3 Blue Sparks challenge

Gaige-skin-horrible religion

Horrible Religion
Rank 3 Aggravated Assault challenge

Gaige-skin-hyperion heroism

Hyperion Heroism
Rank 3 Load and Lock challenge

Gaige-skin-hyperion honor

Hyperion Honor
Item of the Day


Hyperion Hornet
Rank 5 Eviscerated challenge

Gaige-skin-jakobs family

Jakobs Family
Mission reward from Capture the Flags

Gaige-skin-jakobs filigree

Jakobs Filigree
Rank 5 Quickdraw challenge

Gaige-skin-jakobs old-fashioned

Jakobs Old-Fashioned
Item of the Day

Gaige-skin-joy divide

Joy Divide
Mission reward from To Grandmother's House We Go


Lemon Swirl
Rank 5 This is No Time for Lazy! challenge

Gaige-skin-licorice whip

Licorice Whip
Mission reward from Shielded Favors

Gaige-skin-maliwan elegance

Maliwan Elegance
Rank 3 Slag-Licked challenge

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Maliwan Grace

Maliwan Grace
Rank 5 I Just Want to Set the World on Fire challenge

Gaige-skin-maliwan style

Maliwan Style
Item of the Day


Common drop from Creepers


Miss Ramone
Rare drop from King Mong

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Muddy and Bloody

Muddy and Bloody
Random drop from "Chubby" mobs

BL2-Gaige-Skin-None Blacker

None Blacker
Rare drop from any of the 4 Hyperion Assassins

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Pink Pandoracorn

Pink Pandoracorn
Rank 5 Nothing Rhymes with Orange or JEEEEENKINSSSSSS!!! challenge

49520 2013-10-04 00004

Pop and Rock
Rare drop from Terramorphous the Invincible

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Pure Velvet

Pure Velvet
Random drop from any enemy

Gaige-skin-rosy and riveting

Rosy and Riveting
Random drop from Spiderants

Gaige-skin-snot stew

Snot Stew
Mission reward from The Cold Shoulder

Gaige-skin-sour apple

Sour Apple
Rank 4 in Whaddaya Buyin'? challenge

49520 2013-10-04 00012

Random drop from any suitable loot source

Gaige-skin-tediore customer service

Tediore Customer Service
777 on Slot machines

Gaige-skin-tediore low price

Tediore Low Price
Item of the Day

Tediore Value

Tediore Value
Rank 5 Boomerbang challenge

Gaige-skin-torgue explosiveness

Torgue Explosiveness
Rank 3 Boom challenge

Gaige-skin-torgue high octane

Torgue High Octane
Item of the Day


Torgue Speed Demon
Rank 5 Catch-a-Rocket! challenge

Gaige-skin-vladof freedom

Vladof Freedom
Rank 5 Ammo Eater challenge

Gaige-skin-vladof revolution

Vladof Revolution
Item of the Day

Gaige-skin-vladof sickle

Vladof Sickle
777 on Slot machines


Rank 3 For the Hoard! challenge

Unlockable Skins (DLC Content)

Tradable skins that can be unlocked through DLC content game play.

Bow Your Head

Bow Your Head
Drop from main boss in The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler

Deathrap's Little Helper

Deathrap's Little Helper
Drop from main boss or train chest in How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Elusive Elusive
Mission reward for I Like My Monsters Rare in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt
Hula Hellion
Hula Hellion
Drop from main or side boss in Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Lord of Wisdom

Lord of Wisdom
Mission reward for Dr. T and the Vault Hunters in The Raid on Digistruct Peak

Shillelagh Slaughterer

Shillelagh Slaughterer
Drop from main boss in Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Summoner Sickness Summoner Sickness
Acquired in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
The Witching Hour The Witching Hour
Drop from main boss in T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest

DLC Package Skins

Paid DLC skins that are unlocked in the customization menu directly. They are account-bound and cannot be traded.

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Bring Out Your Dead

Bring Out Your Dead
Mechromancer Madness Pack

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns
Mechromancer Supremacy Pack

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Stark Raving

Stark Raving (Striped and Strapped)
Mechromancer Beatmaster Pack

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Steampunk Rock

Steampunk Rock
Mechromancer Steampunk Slayer Pack

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Warm and Fuzzy

Warm and Fuzzy
Mechromancer Domination Pack

Other Skins

Skins that are unlocked through other games/means. They are account-bound and cannot be traded.

49520 2013-10-04 00011

Alive and Kicking
2013 Community Day event
*Also Drops rarely from any suitable loot source

49520 2013-10-04 00018

Only available to Gearbox Software employees

SHiFT Promotional Skins

Tradable skins that are unlocked through temporary SHiFT code promotions.

BL2-Gaige-Skin-Gumming the Works
Gumming the Works
Valentine's Day event SHIFT code
BL2-Gaige-Skin-Lime Lollipop
Lime Lollipop
St Patrick's Day event SHiFT code
Gaige-skin-stinger missile
Stinger Missile
Halloween event SHiFT code
Gaige-The Cosplay Singularity
The Cosplay Singularity
The Pre-Sequel launch SHiFT code
*Also Drops rarely from any suitable loot source


Note: Each head/skin name is linked to the picture for easy reference.

  • Unlike the other characters, Gaige's in-game default skin (Gaige's School Uniform) differs from the one used in the official promotional images. The actual in-game version has a much bleaker, less saturated look.
  • Gaige's The Girl From The Moon head is a reference to Mad Moxxi in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel
  • Gaige's Sinful Sweetheart head is a reference to Ema Skye, of the Ace Attorney series, specifically her haircut as an adult in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
  • Gaige's Speak No Evil head appears to be the skinned remains of Max, from Sam & Max, bearing the same beady, black eyes and razor sharp 'bear-trap' teeth as the franchise's titular psychotic bunny.
  • Gaige's Lovely Corpse head is a reference to the film and book The Lovely Bones.
  • Gaige's Metal Blood head is a reference to Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, of the Mass Effect series. Like Gaige, Tali is also an engineer with a talent for robotics, and shares Gaige's ability to summon a robotic companion to assist her in battle.
  • Gaige's Grease Monkey head is a reference to Winry Rockbell, of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • The skin Horrible Religion is inspired by the School Uniform of Miku Hatsune, a famous Virtual Idol in Japan. The colors are exactly the same in the right place.
  • The Skin Gummi Worm is also inspired by one of the Virtual Idols named Gumi. The skin's name and colours are directly from the character, like with Horrible Religion and Miku Hatsune's uniform.
  • The Skins Streets Ahead and Cool Cool Cool are references to the show Community, as catch phrases for some of the characters.
  • Some of the skins are references to punk and post-punk bands, fitting in with Gaige's "punk" theme/Anarchy/Punk class mods. Miss Ramone (The Ramones), YESFX (NoFX), Dead Lincolns (Dead Kennedeys), Horrible Religion (Bad Religion), Joy Divide (Joy Division) and Distorted Socially (Social Distortion). Some reference songs: Sun Blister (Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes), Ecstastic Tuesdays (Manic Monday by The Bangles), and Don't Call Her Green (Don't Call Me White by NoFX). Bye Bye Baby could either be a reference to the song by Social Distortion or a different song of the same name written by Joey Ramone.
  • A Study in Red is a reference to the detective mystery novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, titled "A Study in Scarlet".
  • The name of Gaige's Pithy Rejoinder head is a play on words, referring to the pith helmet that she is wearing.
  • The Summoner Sickness skin is a nod to Magic the Gathering's "Summoning Sickness".