Best Friends Forever

This tree focuses on the Action Skill Deathtrap and on supporting skills for yourself.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Close Enough
1 5 Your bullets that hit walls or other objects have a 10% chance per level to ricochet toward a nearby enemy dealing 50% of its usual damage
Cooking Up Trouble
1 5 While your gun's magazine is full you regenerate 0.4% of your Maximum health per second per level
Fancy Mathematics
2 5 Improves shield recharge delay by 14% and shield recharge rate by 12% per level based on how low your health is. The lower your health the greater the bonuses.
Buck Up
2 1 Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap restores 30% shields of one ally.
The Better Half
2 5 When your magazine is half empty you gain a 12% fire rate bonus per level.
Potent as a Pony
3 5 +4% Maximum Health for you and +2% Maximum Health for Deathtrap per level.
Upshot Robot
3 1 While Deathtrap is active, if you or Deathtrap kill an enemy it increases Deathtrap's duration by 5s and grants both of you a stackable +4% melee damage bonus. Bonuses are lost when Deathtrap goes away.
Unstoppable Force
3 5 Killing an enemy grants you 7% bonus movement speed per level and causes your shield to regenerate 0.8% per second per level for a short while.
Explosive Clap
4 1 Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap causes an explosion in front of him, dealing explosive damage to all nearby enemies.
Made of Sterner Stuff
4 5 You and Deathtrap gain 1% damage reduction per level against all damage types. Deathtrap gains +4% bonus melee damage per level.
20% Cooler
20% Cooler
5 5 Increases the cooldown rate of your action skill by 6% each level.
Sharing is Caring
6 1 Grants a copy of your shield to Deathtrap.

Little Big Trouble

This tree focuses on elemental effects and damage (mainly electrocute).

Skill Tier Levels Effect
More Pep
1 5 Increases your chances of applying elemental Status Effects by 2% per level; 4% per level for Electrocute.
1 5 Grants you 6% Resistance to Shock Damage per level. Also increases your Shield Capacity by 3% per level.
Shock Storm
2 5 Killing an enemy with a Critical Hit causes an Electric Storm, dealing Electrocute Damage to nearby enemies. Electrical Storms are also caused by Deathtrap whenever he kills an enemy.
The Stare
2 1 Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap fires a laser beam and sweeps it across the battlefield, dealing Burn Damage and possibly Igniting enemies.
Strength of Five Gorillas
2 5 Increases Melee Damage for you and Deathtrap by 3% per level.
Electrical Burn
3 5 When your Electrocute Status Effects deal damage to enemies, there is a 4% chance per level they will burst into flames and take Burn Damage. The amount of Burn Damage is based on the Electrocute damage dealt.
Shock and "AAAGGGGHHH!"
3 1 Reloading your gun causes an Electrical Explosion, damaging nearby enemies.
Evil Enchantress
3 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases the Damage that your Burn, Electrocute, and Corrode status effects deal by 6% per level for a short period of time.
One Two Boom
4 1 Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap shoots out an orb of energy at an enemy. If you shoot the orb it will explode, dealing massive Shock Damage to nearby enemies.
Wires Don't Talk
4 5 Increases all Shock and Electrocute Damage that you inflict by 3% per level.
Interspersed Outburst
5 5 Not shooting an enemy for a short time grants you a stack of Interspersed Outburst. The next time you shoot an enemy, all stacks of Interspersed Outburst are consumed and you deal Slag Damage. The more stacks are consumed, the greater the chance of slagging the target.
Make it Sparkle
6 1 Shooting Deathtrap with an elemental weapon charges him with that element, causing his melee attacks to deal additional damage of that element.

Ordered Chaos

This tree focuses on its exclusive stackable skill Anarchy (Gamechanger type), which increases damage but decreases accuracy.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Smaller, Lighter, Faster
1 4 Increases you reload speed by 6% per level but decreases your magazine size by 1% per level.
1 1 Killing an enemy or fully emptying your gun's magazine while in combat grants you a stack of Anarchy. For every stack of Anarchy you have, you gain bonus gun damage, but your accuracy is decreased. Prematurely reloading your guns removes all stacks of Anarchy. Anarchy stacks are quickly lost while in "Fight for Your Life."
  • Note: To count towards an Anarchy stack during reloading, it is necessary that at least one bullet strike an enemy or the destructible object (Barrels, Cash Crystals, Bones or Trash Pile, Etc.)
Preshrunk Cyberpunk
2 5 Increases the maximum number of Anarchy stacks you can have by 50 per level.
Robot Rampage
2 1 Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap lashes out with a flurry of attacks.
Blood Soaked Shields
2 5 Killing an enemy immediately restores 20% of your shields per level, but you lose 1% of your health per level.
Annoyed Android
3 5 Increases the movement speed of Deathtrap by 7% per level.
3 1 Prematurely reloading activates Discord granting you +65% accuracy, +25% fire rate, and 3% per second health regeneration. You constantly lose Anarchy stacks while Discord is active. Discord can be shut off by prematurely reloading again.
Typecast Iconoclast
3 5 Whenever you get a stack of Anarchy there is a 6% chance per level you get an additional stack.
Rational Anarchist
4 1 If you have 0 stacks of Anarchy, then the next time you would gain an Anarchy stack you instead gain 25.
Death From Above
4 5 Shooting an enemy while in mid-air consumes stacks of Anarchy and causes a Digi-splosion, damaging nearby enemies.
The Nth Degree
5 5 Every Nth bullet that hits an enemy will ricochet toward another nearby enemy.
With Claws
6 1 Melee Override Skill. While you have a stack of Anarchy, melee to digistruct claws and swipe twice at an enemy, dealing damage based on the number of Anarchy stacks you currently have (+0.6% per stack) and restoring health. The lower your health the more health you gain. This attack consumes an Anarchy stack.

Gaige skills
Best Friends Forever Little Big Trouble Ordered Chaos
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