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GUN Loaders are the most common form of loader, and form the mainstay of Hyperion's robot units.



GUN Loaders are armed with assault rifles and will occasionally lob grenades. If their gun arm is shot off, or occasionally if their target is at long range, they charge and release a small electric blast from their central optics. Shooting off their left arm removes their ability to throw grenades, while shooting their right removes their firearm. They have critical hit points on all four limb joints and their eye. They will swing either arm as a melee attack to knock back enemies at close range, but cannot do this if both arms are missing. Shooting the arm is usually preferred due to its long-range attacking nature. Shooting the optic sensor yields more critical hit damage but is harder to hit and does not deprive the loader of any ability.

In Borderlands 3, GUN Loaders wield various small arms such as shotguns, and rarely pistols. All four limbs can be shot off, and if that happens, it will continuously fire a laser beam from its optic sensor. A "Rusted" variant of the GUN Loader appears exclusively in The Compactor area, they appear to be decommissioned GUN Loaders with a very dilapidated appearance, with most of its body panels fallen off. They behave identically to their non-rusted counterparts. Another variant known as the "Derelict Loader" can be located in the "Crappy Broken Crap" area of Jack'S Secret, they bear the appearance of old model GUN Loaders from Borderlands 2, but behave identically to the regular version.


  • In Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, their names receive Hacked prefix, and their hulls are covered with New Pandora logos.
  • In Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, GUN Loaders, as with all models in the product line, have been remodeled with a central eye and a more agile design. The original Borderlands 2-era Loaders can be found in a garbage dump in Jack's Secret as "Derelict Loaders".