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The Fyrestone Coliseum is an arena-type area located in the centre of The Arid Badlands. In this arena, up to four people can battle. In the Fyrestone Coliseum there is a terminal that only the host can use. At this terminal the host can decide whether players will fight in teams of two or in an all-out free for all. The arena mode (which is currently grayed out and always set to "Come as you are") and which weapons are allowed to be used in the fight (though this option is also grayed out) are also selected here.

Should the combatants in an arena match fail to score any damage on each other for 1 minute they will begin to sustain light damage from the arena environment itself. This encourages participants to come out of hiding and resume the fight.


Used to settle a disagreement, or just for a friendly shoot out, the coliseum is a great place for friends and enemies alike to battle it out.

Points of Interest[]

A large rock, best used for sniping.


  • The duels fought in this arena do not count for the duel challenge.


  • As seen on the map, the arena is shaped like the Borderlands logo.
  • The entrance to the coliseum is still visible in Borderlands 2, though it is not accessible.
  • Gaining a victory in an arena match will unlock the achievement, Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?