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Fuzzy Math is a tier 5 pet skill in FL4K's Trapper skill tree.
Whenever FL4K or their pet scores a Critical Hit, a portion of FL4K's and their pet's shields are restored.


  • Shield Restore: 3% of Max Shields


  • Fuzzy Math is almost always considered the best skill in the Trapper tree. When combined with Megavore and a high fire rate weapon (or just hitting a lot of critical hits), Fl4k can regenerate their shields at a very fast rate and greatly increase their survivability. Fuzzy Math also synergizes well with the Capacitance skill, as Fuzzy Math will regenerate twice as many shield at once.
  • Shotguns and other weapons that fire multiple projectiles per shot have a chance to restore shields with each projectile, but can't activate more then once per trigger pull. Critical hits from Torgue weapons fired in sticky mode, however, can activate both on hit and detonation.
  • Similar to the Leave no Trace skill, there is a short re-trigger delay of 0.5 seconds or so, meaning that the player doesn't need weapons with a blisteringly fast fire rate/pellet count to regenerate the maximum amount of shield per second. This also prevents players from being practically immortal if they're scoring more critical hits then the enemies can hurt them.
  • Putting just one point in fuzzy math can synergize shield that does something after being broken while taking damage, such as the Messy Breakup. However, this usually isn't a very effective strategy due to it's inherently low survivability. However, it can be combined with the Red Fang class mod and the Take This! skill to mitigate this weakness.
  • Fuzzy Math can be used in combination with an Amplify shield to fully charge the shield after it's drained, letting the player fire another amped shot moments later.
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