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Fusillade is a legendary assault rifle manufactured by Scav added in The Claptastic Voyage. It can be obtained randomly from Badass Defender.SubRoutine. It may also drop from Despair and Self-Loathing located in the Subconscious.

Special Weapon Effects

Dakka dakka dakka! – Increased reload speed, fire rate, and accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Fusillade can be a very useful weapon for long to mid ranged combat with its uncharacteristically high accuracy on a Scav gun. However, the overall damage can be underwhelming, even with the impressive fire rate.


  • Fusillade is a term used to describe continuous and simultaneous gunfire.
  • The flavor text refers to the orks from Warhammer 40k for whom "dakka" is a commonly used onomatopoeia for the sound firing a gun makes.


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