Fury is the Title of a group of automatic Machine Pistols with increased fire rate.

Usage & Description

Fury machine pistols are weapons with average to low accuracy and very high rates of fire. Due to the heavy recoil coupled with the rate of fire, these weapons are best used in short, controlled bursts at medium range, or spray-and-pray play style at close range while aiming for the center mass. This type of machine pistol can dish out an incredible amount of damage in a very short amount of time, but reloading will also be very frequent.

Many players find furies most useful as a means to dish out a powerful dose of elemental damage before switching to another weapon, but even normal furies are usually higher-end weapons in the context of repeater pistols. The extreme firing rates of furies imply that a form of ammo regeneration is highly recommended for prolonged use, but even then, using a fury as a primary weapon will likely result in the player mowing through ammo much faster than it can be regenerated.

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