Fungal Gorger is an unique Ascendant Khel Vod that spawns in The Cankerwood, a short distance to the north from the Mixing Factory.


  • The Fungal Gorger has taken on a more natural appearance, while keepinng the same abilities as an Ascendant Khel Vod.
  • Fungal Gorger has the following attacks:
    • Charge - charges the Vault Hunter with a devastating blow
    • Rock slam - slams fist against the ground sending out line of rocks
    • Giant Shard Throw -grabs a massive red shard from a portal above its head and throws it
    • Back hand - close range melee
  • Its critical hit spot is its head and bubbles on its back, these can be popped if they take too much damage.



Fungal Gorger with its back popped

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