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Fun Sun and Guns is the main story mission in the DLC campaign Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax.



  • Talk to Sir Hammerlock
  • Find Sir Hammerlock
  • Find Sir Hammerlock's whiskey
  • Find a varkid injector
  • Find some varkids
  • Inject a varkid pod
  • Follow the varkid
  • Find some varkids (again)
  • Inject a varkid pod
  • Follow the varkid
  • Find a way to the island
  • Kill pirates
  • Power the water wheel
  • Follow the varkid
  • Find another varkid pod
  • Inject the big varkid pod
  • Summon the Son of Crawmerax
  • Defeat Son of Crawmerax
  • Rescue Sir Hammerlock


When the vault hunters find Sir Hammerlock in the Retirement Cottages, Hammerlock will be taken by a giant crabworm and then taken again by some savages which will attempt to sacrifice Sir Hammerlock to the Son of Crawmerax.

Mordecai tells the vault hunters that they can use varkids to track Hammerlock with a syringe of his moonshine, so they will need to inject a varkid, which eventually dies from the alcohol.

Mordecai tells the vault hunters to repeat the same thing, but with less alcohol, but the varkid sobers up and the vault hunters need to kill it.

The next pod is a badass pod and the vault hunters will need to inject the alcohol into, which wears off from the badass varkid but it takes them near Hammerlock so they don't need to repeat the process again.

In the battle against the Son of Crawmerax, the fight will be in a waterfall-like area, the combat of the Son of Crawmerax is almost the same as Crawmerax's from the previous game, but it spawns crabworms and craboids and it mostly takes damage from its critical points.



Turn in: Sir Hammerlock


  • Sometimes the varkid may glitch and it won't move or will die instantly, the vault hunters will need to exit the area and enter again.
  • A Conference Call is an advisable weapon against the Son of Crawmerax as it can hit both of the Son of Crawmerax's critical spots at the same time.
  • This mission reveals Mordecai's new pet bloodwing Talon.
  • Mission Items
    • Hammerlock's whiskey - "For when you need a drink as stiff as my upper lip!"
    • Varkid pod injector - "A syringe used to inject varkids"
  • After the badass varkid sobers up, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick will reminisce on their fight with Crawmerax the Invincible and mentions the ledge exploit commonly used by players.

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