Fully Loaded is an achievement to rescue enough Claptraps to earn 42 inventory slots.


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Claptraps are little robots that serve as guides and gatekeepers for game content. Some Claptraps can be heard crying for help when they are damaged. From talking to them, players can acquire missions to retrieve Repair Kits, return to the Claptraps and restore them to working order. Each mission turned in offers a Backpack SDU and ten such SDUs acquired will complete the Achievement.

Locations of Claptraps

Sledge's Safe House

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Safe House

A broken Claptrap lies at the end of a corridor in front of a dartboard, apparently having been used for target practice.

The Lost Cave

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: The Lost Cave

There is a damaged Claptrap about halfway through the cave system.

New Haven

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: New Haven

The damaged Claptrap is located just on the north side of town. The toolbox is located on the second floor of a building.

Tetanus Warrens

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren

The Claptrap will be around the first bandit camp. The repair kit is difficult to retrieve and requires several carefully timed jumps to reach.

Earl's Scrapyard

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Scrapyard

The Claptrap for this mission can be found beyond a left branch from the main path in the scrapyard.

Krom's Canyon

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Krom's Canyon

A broken Claptrap lies on a path to Two Wrongs Make A Right. Retrieving the repair kit requires some tricky jumping and missing the leap forces a long loop around to return to the ledge to be jumped from.

Old Haven

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Old Haven

The broken Claptrap is languishing in a room in the south-west corner of the area. The repair kit is on the second level of a build requiring a jump across an alley to retrieve. This rescue becomes available after the completion of Not Without My Claptrap.

Trash Coast

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast

A broken Claptrap lies in a bandit camp. The repair kit is concealed high on a pipe overhanging an old beach house, and requires a long loop to get up onto the pipe.

The Salt Flats

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: The Salt Flats

The Claptrap and repair kit are both in Thor Digtown.

Crimson Fastness

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: Crimson Fastness

A damaged Claptrap is found by a pile of destroyed Claptraps in front of a Gatling Turret.


  • It is possible to get more than 42 inventory slots by rescuing Claptraps in the second Playthrough or downloadable content. See Storage Deck Upgrade for details.
  • Some players have reported a bug that prevents some people from accepting Claptrap rescue missions in Playthrough 1 when they have completed that same mission in Playthrough 2.
  • This is the only truly completely missable achievement/trophy. Be sure to carefully check all levels with a Claptrap Rescue mission, and be sure to accept them all and don't get frustrated if at first you can't find the Repair Kit for each. Look carefully and you'll find and discover the method for obtaining them all, even the most tricky ones. Also, don't forget to turn in each mission, and most importantly, EQUIP ALL BACKPACK SDU'S.

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