Frosty Jabbers are Cryo enemies of jabber species encountered in Borderlands 3.


Frosty Jabbers are jabbers whose all attacks bear Cryo element. They pose minimal threat in and of themselves, and are only dangerous when aiding other jabbers' battle effort.


Borderlands 3


Frosty jabber is a primarily ranged attacker and will attempt to maintain distance from Vault Hunters but is also capable of dealing massive damage in close combat.


  • Spore - tosses a Cryo spore.
  • Snowball - Rolls a ball of ice that explodes on impact, or after a time, dealing Cryo damage and producing a patch Cryo area of effect. Slight homing capability.
  • Icicle Hedgehog - when up close cowers producing icicles all over its body, then blasts them off in a large Cryo explosion. High knockback and damage.

Resistant to Cryo damage.



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