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Frostfire is a unique submachine gun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission The Bestest Story Ever Told located in Concordia.

Special Weapon Effects[]

It had to perish twice. – Fires two projectiles at the cost of two ammunition. One projectile inflicts cryo elemental damage, and the other inflicts incendiary damage. May randomly apply a freeze effect on the character.


Frostfire's Dual element is useful against most enemies without a shield, which requires another shock weapon in order to use it effectively. Other than that, no two enemies resist these two elements at the same time, even accounting for elemental enemies, making it useful for virtually any purpose.


  • This weapon is very similar to the Chulainn, a Borderlands 2 submachine gun that has two elements combined (slag and shock).
    • Both weapons can apply an elemental effect on the character when wielded and both weapons share a similar raven design on the magazine.


  • The weapon name and the flavor text is a reference to the Robert Frost poem "Fire And Ice".
  • A shield with cyro immunity does not negate the gun's freezing effect.
  • The Frostfire is unavailable in True Vault Hunter and Ultimate Vault Hunter modes because the reward is replaced with a unique head.

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