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Frost Nippers are living snowmen introduced in How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day Headhunter Pack. They are found exclusively within Frost Bottom, in the only location of DLC.



Frost Nippers have two main strategies of attack: they will run up to targets and strike several times with their fists before retreating slightly and repeating; or they strafe from side to side (or stand still) at a distance, throwing snowballs with high accuracy. These attacks are cycled frequently and constantly, making their movements often erratic, and their quick speed makes targeting quite difficult. When they cannot reach their target, they will exclusively throw snowballs.

The snowballs they throw do very high damage, and also briefly stun Vault Hunters struck by them – resulting in slight screen sway and a one-second long slowdown in movement speed.

Frost Nippers, being made of snow, are naturally vulnerable to incendiary weapons but resist corrosive damage. Their relatively large heads can provide somewhat easy critical hits.

Unique Frost Nippers

  • Tinder Snowflake – A gigantic living snowman who serves as the final boss for the DLC.