The Friendly Fire is a legendary shotgun manufactured by Torgue.

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Special Weapon Effects

Have a nice day! – Always Incendiary. Fixed "smiley" spread pattern.

Usage & Description


The special spread of the Friendly Fire

The Torgue Friendly Fire can have an unusually powerful elemental accessory for a shotgun, and fires in a fixed spread pattern. Although it won't proc often, it can still prove to be a rather deadly weapon. Because the Friendly Fire's spread pattern is fixed, its accuracy stat is irrelevant, meaning a Friendly Fire is more desirable for most. Although it's spread is fixed, making it predictable, it may still be difficult to land all projectiles on one enemy from any distance farther than point blank. That said, this weapon can be more effective on wider groups of enemies than most shotguns.


  • The spread pattern is fixed, and not affected by accuracy, but still affected by recoil.
  • The Friendly Fire may also be found with a Carnage type barrel; allowing it to fire a single rocket instead of the normal nine pellets. However, the rocket will be explosive instead of incendiary. This barrel is bringing the damage beyond 1 k.
  • The weapon's actual title is simply "Fire". "Friendly" is a prefix that only (and systematically) appears on the Fire. It is the only legitimate prefix.


SPR900 Friendly Fire
  • The iconic smiley with the black ink smile and two oval dots for eyes inside of a black circle printed on a yellow background was created by freelance artist Harvey R. Ball in 1963 in an advertising campaign by The State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. See Smiley.


The Friendly effect comes from the acc5_Torgue_FriendlyFire accessory, which is based on acc5_Incendiary. Apart from the unique effect, it provides more tech, and doesn't reduce damage. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc5_Torgue_FriendlyFire acc5_Incendiary
Accuracy Minimum: -300%

Tech Level: +10

Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6

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