The Fridgia is a unique aftermarket submachine gun manufactured by Dahl using the Scav Barrel. Fridgia is obtained from the mission In Perfect Hibernation.

Special Effect

Icy moon of Mungo. –  Always cryo. High elemental effect chance and burst-fire count. Low recoil. Fires two bullets at the cost of one. Projectiles fire in a large spread in the shape of a horse.

Usage & Description

The Fridgia is a versatile, easy-to-use weapon with multiple strengths. Its mandatory double projectile effect gives it a virtually unrivaled rate of fire, making it an ideal choice for a "spray and pray" approach to combat, and its impressively low recoil (-127 recoil) adds to its consistency in mid-range combat. Together, these factors allow it to freeze large groups of enemies in a short span of time. The Fridgia's fixed element makes it ineffective against cryo resistant enemies and the large burst count increases ammo consumption, though hip-firing is just as effective. The extremely high elemental effect chance makes freezing enemies easier and anything that ressist it would usually have an easy workaround, making it very powerful if aquired.


  • The weapon's name and flavour text are a reference to the Flash Gordon comic strip, which takes place in the planet Mongo in which an ice kingdom called Frigia is located.
  • The special effect is similar to the Torrent, except that Torrent has a low burst-fire count, no spread, and no fixed element.
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