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Fresh Off The Bus is the first story mission in Borderlands.


A mysterious, disembodied woman spoke to you and told you to follow this little robot into town. That seems like the best course of action, for now.



Fresh Off The Bus

Video walkthrough


  • Follow Claptrap into Fyrestone.


Stepping off the bus leaves newcomers at an entrance to Fyrestone with only a single low-quality gun for possessions. Speak to the Claptrap to obtain a HUD, and an ECHO communications device, then follow it to the New-U Station. Using the console after demonstrating the New-U, the Claptrap rolls towards the north gate of Fyrestone. Rather than following him, give the area a thorough search for money, ammo and guns.

Any object with a green light can be searched, but around this area, usually only the dumpsters have a chance of holding new guns. Red chests, on the other hand, always hold weapons (or at least Grenade Mods and/or shields). The game's first red chest is on the roof of the hotel, and there are several ways to reach it. The easiest way is to jump from the generator on the hotel's south porch directly to the roof. The chest typically offers two new guns, both of which are probably more powerful than the default weapon carried by new characters.

After stocking up on any available guns, ammunition and cash, meet up with the Claptrap again at the Fyrestone gates, where it opens the door just as a bandit raiding party bursts into town. The ruins of the town often provide effective cover. This reduces the number of shots sustained from enemy weapons fire. Return fire striking the heads of the bandits will result in a critical hit that amplifies the damage that they sustain and helps to eliminate them quickly.

After first wave of five or six bandits is killed, the Claptrap stops at another red chest containing a fixed set of Repeater Pistols. When playing alone, or in a two or three player party, the chest will only yield two repeaters: a Torgue and a Hyperion. When playing with a full four person party, the chest will contain four pistols. These basic handguns provide a good opportunity to see each manufacturer's specialty: The Torgue deals extra damage, the Hyperion has superior accuracy, the Vladof has a faster fire rate and the S&S Munitions offers an extended magazine. Even if they aren't particularly useful they can still be picked up to sell later on.

Progressing further into town draws the attention of the last bandits in the main street. Killing the final bandit completes the mission.


You followed Claptrap into Fyrestone, and soon found yourself in a firefight with the local bandits. If you can find a survivor, maybe he'll be able to help you on your way to finding the Vault.


The mission name is a reference to the phrase "fresh off the boat".