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Frenzy is a tier 2 passive skill in FL4K's Master skill tree. This skill allows FL4K and their pet to gain a Frenzy stack when the pet deals damage to an enemy. FL4K and the pet gain increased damage for each stack of Frenzy. The stacks will start to decay a few seconds after the pet stops doing damage.


  • Damage: +0.8% per stack per rank
  • Max Frenzy Stacks: 10

Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Damage +0.8% +1.6% +2.4% +3.2% +4.0%


  • Because of how damage is calculated in Borderlands 3, the bonus damage is actually much more impactful than it first appears. Skills, artifacts and class mods often provide less damage then is listed in the description, but Frenzy's damage increase is much more accurate than most other skills and artifacts.
  • The Gunslinger Jabber's SMG grants a stack of Frenzy for each bullet that hits an enemy, granting stacks far faster than any other pet, especially from long range.
  • He Bites! grants a stack of Frenzy when damage is reflected to an enemy. Frenzy stacks are gained regardless if the skill has one point or six, meaning that putting at least a single point into it is highly recommended if Frenzy is being used.
  • Frenzy is one of the few FL4K skills that boosts melee damage.

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