Freezeasy is a unique beam laser in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Maliwan. It is a mission-specific weapon available during the mission In Perfect Hibernation and is a rare drop from Lazlo in Veins of Helios.

Special Weapon Effects

Freeze them to save them! – Always cryo. Increased accuracy, magazine size and elemental effect chance. Reduced continuous damage bonus.

Usage & Description

Due to the low damage this weapon is best utilized as a support weapon against anything that can be frozen. It is able to inflict an elemental status effect much easier than other cryo weapons. This, however, requires another powerful weapon to be effective but regardless this strategy is much easier to use than most other cryo weapons.


  • When the Freezeasy is received as a mission weapon, its rarity is white, but when obtained as a drop from Lazlo, the rarity is blue. The two versions are separate unique weapons in the game code, each with its own material designation.
  • There is only one opportunity to acquire the Freezeasy in each playthrough as Lazlo does not respawn when killed.
  • For some reason, the Freezeasy has 50% lower continuous damage bonus than an equivalent blue-rarity Maliwan laser. This is less of a concern since it doesn't deal much damage on it's own either.
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