The Freezeasy is a unique laser weapon manufactured by Maliwan. It is a mission-specific weapon available during the mission In Perfect Hibernation and has an increased chance to drop from Lazlo in Veins of Helios.

Special Weapon Effects

Freeze them to save them! – Always cryo. Increased accuracy, magazine size and elemental effect chance. Severely reduced laser damage.

Usage & Description

While its extremely low damage makes it limited as a combat weapon, the Freezeasy has a high elemental effect chance and a large magazine. When combined with the laser's high fire rate, the Freezeasy is able to consistently and quickly freeze enemies, giving it good utility even when the character outlevels the weapon itself.

Combined with the numerous free-shot and magazine-increasing skills available to several characters, the Freezeasy can be an excellent crowd-control tool when used for a "freeze-and-swap" tactic to quickly immobilize one or more enemies, especially when compared to other Cryo-based weapons.


  • When the Freezeasy is received as a mission weapon, its rarity is common (white), but when obtained as a drop from Lazlo, the rarity is rare (blue). The two versions are separate unique weapons in the game code, each with its own material designation.
  • There is only one opportunity to acquire the Freezeasy in each playthrough as Lazlo does not respawn when killed.
  • For some reason, the Freezeasy has a 4% lower continuous damage bonus than an equivalent blue-rarity Maliwan laser.
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