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Franken Bill is a boss in the side mission It's Alive in the Zombie Island of Doctor Ned DLC. It is an abomination made up of body parts of Dr. Ned's assistants Frank and Bill (hence, "Frank 'n' Bill").

He is similar to a Tankenstein, but much more massive. He respawns.



  • Franken Bill has a smash melee attack which deals a high amount of damage and knock back. His ranged attack is a ball of electricity.
  • Like all undead, he is vulnerable to incendiary attacks. Aim for the head.
  • Shock weapons will recharge his health, just like they do a Tankenstein.
  • Sniping him is possible from the ledge where the Vault Hunters turn in the mission Jakobs Fodder, or from other nearby rooftops overlooking his spawn point.
  • Clear the area of all other opponents before provoking Franken Bill. Roland's turret can help shield the party from further stray Zombies wandering into the fray.


  • To find Franken Bill, simply head over to Dead Haven and approach the (rather large) grave marked by a large, green tinted gravestone, near the old entrance to Old haven. Upon approaching, Bill will spawn, as long as It's Alive is in progress or has already been completed.


  • Franken Bill is a reference to Mary Shelley's character Frankenstein's monster in the novel Frankenstein. The monster is often referred to as simply Frankenstein. Franken Bill's healing effect when hit by Shock may be inspired by how Frankenstein is often depicted as having been reanimated with strong electrical currents, often lightning.