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Lately I've been playing around with Willow Tree# and GearCalc just for some added fun and I decided to make a modded Jakobs Skullmasher. I went into GearCalc and peiced together what I thought was a good start and then exported the code into Willow Tree#, put it in my characters backpack, saved, put the file back into my flash drive, put the drive into my 360 and started up my game. After my character loaded I was disappointed to find that my  new weapon hadn't made it in and after several attempts and some tweeking I still couldn't manage to make it work. I know everything was saved and transfered correctly so I assume that this is a parts conflict/error, even though GearCalc says it should work. If anyone has any general ideas as to why this didn't work, I'd love to hear em. If you need some more specific info (as in weapon parts or anything else) just ask, I'll be happy to give it to you.

p.s. If this isn't the correct place or format for this, I'm terribly sorry. I'm new so just let me know what I did wrong so I can avoid it in the future:)