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as far as legit weapons there are roughly 2,510,000 weapons note:this is not including the eridian or gearbox weapons. as for legit items there are countless class mods,countless grenade mods and countless shields. as for modded weapons/items there are less since the introdustion of the patch that came with the 3rd add-on(secret armory of general knoxx). for shields there are only two types of modded shields old school modded shields(the ones that are not death mod proof) and the new school modded shields(the ones that are death mod proof). oddvios modded class mods are just legit ones with a different name but there are some that appear legit but are not but these can only be made by truly skilled modders.

now with this said i will give u a heads up if someone drops a item that looks like a ball unless it says gearhead DON'T(DO NOT) pick it up. if someone drops a weapon with invisible parts DON'T(DO NOT) pick it up. if someone drops a gun you can't(can not) see at all (meaning it's(it is) completly invisible)DON'T(DO NOT) pick it up. if you need reasons why not to pick them up just ask people that got there character(s) corrupted. basicly DON'T(DO NOT) pick up anything from people you DON'T(DO NOT) already know and truste in the first place.

for those that do know how to mod there are different types of willowtree.for those that DON'T(DO NOT)know what willowtree is it is a save editor for borderlands and borderlands alone.Life is like a road the good things in life are the smooth parts of the road and the bad things in life are the bumps in the road TeddyNate 03:37, January 12, 2012 (UTC)