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I just managed to glitch one of my chars rather badly.. I saw a vid on youtube the other day about how you could instantly lvl up a char online by timing your button pressing exactly to allow you to switch your char after joining an online game, switching to a lvl 1 char would instantly lvl that char up to your previous chars lvl..

and one of the comments in the vid asked about splitscreening and wether it'd work there or not, and the answer was: dunno.

weeeeeeell.. I decided to try it.. took my lvl 48 roland that I'd been using for splitscreen soloing craw for better loots (pure craw lvling from lvl 1 to 48 by being idle)..

well... I timed the button press perfectly, got the char selection menu & decided to choose a lilith.. well.. nothing happened, except that my roland was reset to level 1.. so I exited the game (saved it). re-entered normally into splitscreen and hey presto.. my roland instantly went from level 1 to 48, gaining an extra 45 skillpoints ontop of the ones I already had put in on him.. admittedly he had 1 skillpoint unused to begin with.. but still.. 45 skillpoints to distribute with 40+ skillpoints already been distributed beforehand.. and yes, the char works just fine.. with almost every single skill maxed XD

oh and this was done on an xbox 360.

TaSManiaC 09:49, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Nice but can i do this on the ps3 aswell? and do i need to do splitscreen?

dunno.. I was attempting to get a new lvl 1 char up to lvl 48 (which my roland is), but instead ended up doubling my rolands skillpoints.. so in a way I failed to do the glitch I was supposed to do, but with weird effects.. and I have no clue wether or not it works on the ps3 and wether or not you need to do it in splitscreen... but that's what I did (since I dont have 2 xbox live gold accounts) :P

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The reason he still works is that you didnt do any other missios with him i assume and are still "Fresh off the bus". If you had done any other missions with your roland and then done this glitch he would be glitched out of the game and would not be able to continue with any other missions. This glitch does work in splitscreen but is too copmlicated to explain here, but there are youtube vids about it . Just look up skill point glitch there.Veggienater 11:43, September 30, 2010 (UTC)