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HI Folks...   I started the game (Borderlands) with quite a few weapon inventory slots.  As the game progressed, I'd substitute higher-powered weapons for the lower-powered ones I had near the beginning of the game.  After awhile, most of my weapons were in excess of 200 damage.  What's happened is that sometimes when I drop one weapon so I can pick up a 'bigger' one, Borderlands will tell me that my inventory is full.  Generally I'll just drop another lower-powered one so I can pick up the 'bigger' one... drop two lower ones, get one much bigger one; not a bad deal.

Problem is, this practice appears to permanently reduce the number of storage slots.  Just now, I went to pick up a higher-powered shotgun; I first dropped the one I had, then went to pick up the bigger one.  Can't; inventory is full.  Dropped another weapon, and *still* couldn't pick up the bigger shotgun.  Gave up, and went to retrieve the two that I just dropped... and it STILL says my inventory is full, so now I can't even retrieve the ones I had just a minute ago and dropped to get the bigger gun.  Lose Lose Lose!  What's up with that?  I'm gradually being reduced to just a few high-powered weapons instead of the low, medium, and high assortment I had built up over time.

So what am I missing here?  Obviously there's something in the game mechanics that I'm not picking up on.  Can anyone shed any light on what's going on here?


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