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So, just one thing I just experienced and one thing, I always wondered:

The "bad" experience first:

How is the level of an item determined? I always thought that it's based on enemy level, but it just happend to me that Mothrakks Son finally(I admit it, was my first shot, thought I go with Maya(2.5) and try to collect the sniper for Zer0(nearly 50)) dropped the Sniper... with lvl 48 -.-

I am 50, I killed the Warrior and IT was lvl52- so, how come my drop is rather low?(and after lvl30 there seem to bee HUGE differences between one itemlevel and the next)

The other thing:

Is it possible to get the unique rewards for quests at maximum level?

If I wait for 2.5 before I do/take on the quest?

--Wotemer (talk) 00:51, October 14, 2012 (UTC)