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The man known as X (talk) 04:48, January 21, 2013 (UTC)Greetings. I am The_man_known_as_X, or just "X" in-game. I am a level 50 Assassin with the "Engi3" head, the "red shirt" color, and a level 50 "Legendary hunter" class mod. I play Borderlands 2 through Steam.

Enough about me. the point is, I have been literally grinding for more then 24 hours with the "vault hunter's relic" against Terramorphus, killing him countless times. All to get this one head, known as "XXX". I am sick and tired of doing this, and I would be most grateful if one were to trade me the head. You would be fairly compensated upon such an action. I am willing to trade several items for this. The only perk about killing Terramorphus this many times is that I reap his alternate rewards as well. The possibilities are below.

I am willing to trade:

-Over 5 milliion in cash.

-The seraph weapon "Double penetrating Devastator"

-The seraph weapon "TumTum Hawkeye"

-A level 49 Legendary "Bowie maggie"

-A Homing "Breath of terramorphus" grenade mod.

-A level 50 Legendary "Blood of terramorphus" artifact.

-Legendary "Slayer of Terramorphus" Class mods for most classes. (mechromancer N/A)

Pick one out of the pack if you are willing to take up my offer. Otherwise, contact me on my talk page and we'll make a deal.

I thank you for your time.The man known as X (talk) 04:48, January 21, 2013 (UTC)