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I have 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8. Looking for the following (all lvl 50): bouncing bonnie, fastball, the hive, blockhead, cobra, transformer. Do you have any of these? PSN: Dazz6229

I'm looking for a few legendaries all lvl 50 please

1. Dastardly Maggie... & The- Two fer Maggie 4704 x 10

2. Docs Striker

3 Bee- 40000 Amp dmg 

4. Norfleet (Normal no element)

5. Turtle Shield

6. Infinity Pistol (has to be a Rapid infinity) no element & a Dva Infinity ( No Element)

I have a lots of legendaries and Serph weapons and a boat load of unique weapons including the Twister 

Many legendary Mods but not Mecro, CC's crits and others with elements, Infinity shock & Corrosive, ( all dlc weapons ) 

Willing to trade for trade 

Msg me on psn (daminallector)