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Hi everybody on the board,

yesterday, I wanted to continue leveling up with my Lvl 50 character because I still need the trophie for Lvl 51/61. All of a sudden, and that happend never before, my save data for this very character was "corrupted" and couldn't get loaded anymore! More than 30 hours of playing for nothing.

I was wondering, if anybody of you guys could help me out here, since I don't want to start anew all over again. I have the first released UK version of borderlands. If anyone with the same version could send me via eMail his save data with an Lvl 50 and/or 60 character, I should be able to compensate my corrupted data. I would gladly offer some rare weapons and stuff but as you can imagine: with the corrupted data everything is lost.

I also need the "And they'll tell two friends" trophy, if there is one here who has it.

Thanks for your help

Even if someone could email you a save you'd still have to use your ps3 borderlands save data to be able to use it. If you know how to do that then on the willowshrubbery site (just google it) you'll find various saves for people in your situation. JaredHite's work I believe . You can just download the save and that should just fix you up. If you need additional weapons/ class mods or whatmod by posting requests here or on the Gearbox Forum you should be able to find what you need. Good Luck Player8410214.4.238.180 17:31, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

Just checked the page you mentioned. All the DLs seem to be dead. But thanks anyway, found another one with downloadable sava data!:)


I followed the instructions to copy the foreign sava data to my system. But if I simply overwrite my data with it, it can be loaded thou, but the game doesn't start since the new data is registered to another PSN-ID. And if I exchange single files in the save data with my originals (pfd/sfo/sav) the data is "corrupted" again or won't copy due to failure. Is there anything I miss here or is it simply not possible to trick the system anyhow???—Preceding unsigned comment added by Lazarus-8 (talkcontribs) 05:58, 23 May 2012