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Hey everyone. My old account was poorly modded from someone and can now not be used, I am working up a new gunzerker and was wondering if I could get some new equipment from somebody nice enough to dupe for me. I'm not looking for much, and level 50 equipment is all that's needed please. I'm level 43 right now so I can use the level 50 stuff soon. My PSN is Takeru132.

This is my lists of requests please. Can be altered if needed

The Sham (at least 85%)

The Bee (any element)


Conference Call (fire/corrosive preferred)

Shreddifier (any element)

Infinity (any type)

Unkempt Harold (Double Penetrating preferred)

Sand Hawk (any element)

Quasar (Homing preferred)

Will update when weapons are acquired. Please and Thank you everyone.