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Action Skill

V0lat1le Data

summons 3 volatile bits for 3 seconds. Volatile bits recharge every 10 seconds and each one has its own element. Fire, electric, and corrosive. This all lasts for 20 seconds.

Recharges after 25 seconds.

Skill trees

Sp3ct3r has three skill trees. F1rew4ll, D1g1tal, and 4ssimil4te


This skill tree is centerred around shields adding a secondary shield and making your normal one better.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Firewall 1 1

Adds a second shield known as the firewall worth 50% of your total health (What it would be without this upgrade), however, reduces your maximum health by 40%. Firewall takes damage before your shields do.

Reboot 1 4 Increases equiped shield regeneration by 2.5% per level and "firewall" regeneration by 5% per level.
Backup power 2 5 Increases Maximum "firewall" and shield capacity by 5% per level, however, reduces maximum health by 6% per level.
Burning code 2 5 "Firewall" deals minor flaming spike damage dependent on player level and level of this upgrade.
Reroute 2 5 While "firewall" is up, your shots deal +20% damage per level but recoil 10% per level.
Roid routine 3 1 When firewall is depleted, melee hits deal bonus roid damage based on player level.
Resonate 4 5 Increases "Firewall" capacity 5% of your shield per level, however, decreases maximum hp by 2% per level.
Circuit 4 1 +50% electrical chance while "firewall" is active.
Overlap 4 5 Increases your maximum shields and shields of allies by 5% of your total "Firewall" capacity per level, however, decreases maximum hp by 2% per level.
Escapist 5 5 +10% maximum speed for you and your allies if both your shield and "Firewall" is depleted.
Dampener 5 5 +7% damage resistance to fire and corrosive, but -7% electrical resistance per level.
Bypass 6 1 Losing your "firewall" and shield causes your shots to ignore enemy shields.


This skill tree focuses on killing enemys quickly at the cost of safety.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Aim of the game 1 5 Increases critical damage by 12% per level but decreases normal damage by 3% per level.
Frontal assault 1 5 Increases damage and reload speed by 6% bt also increases damage taken by 3% per level.
Response protocol 2 5 Increases damage by .02% per level for 20 seconds every time you or your allies take damage. Stacks 999 times.
Lucky shot 2 5 5% per level that shots deal double damage, however, there is a 2% chance per level that shots will do half damage.
Smosh and... 3 1 Guns that have no elemental damage now have a 5% chance to deal deletion damage. Deletion simultaniously hits shields and hp.
Unzip elemental 4 5 Increases elemental damage dealt by 5% per level and double that for 10% deletion. But also increases elemental damage taken by 3% per level.
Extract 4 1 if an enemy dies from elemental damage, it returns 5% of you and your allies' health. 10% if the enemy died of deletion.
Fast shot 4 5 Increases firing and reload speed by 6% per level, but increases recoil and reduces accuracy by 2% per level. The positive effect is doubled for 10  seconds if an enemy died of deletion.
Nexus 5 5

Decreases ally damage taken and increases ally damage dealt by .8% per level per 19% of your hp missing.

Kill code 5 5 While in "Fight for your life", your ammo regenerate 2 per sec per level, you fire 5% faster per level, and allies' abilities recharge twice as fast.
Torrential 6 1 You constantly damage nearby enemies for 5% of what your gun would deal.


Focuses on your ability, knife throwing, and even making a clone of yourself.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Knife throw 1 4 Replaces melee attack with Knife throw. Knife throw deals 10% more damage per level.
Health byte 1 1 Adds a fourth volatile bit when using "V0lat1le data"  that heals the user when shot.
Potent 2 5 Increases volatile bit potentcy by 7% per level.
Haxors 2 5 Knife throw has a 1% chance per level to make enemies turn on each other. To bosses and heavy enemies, it has a 1% chance per level to deal triple damage instead.
Download 2 5 Decrease "V0lat1le data" recharge time by 1 second per level.
Unstable 3 1 Throwing knives explode 3 seconds after hitting an enemy. Hitting an inaniment object turns them into mines. There is a maximum of 3 mines at once.
Explosive byte 3 5 Adds an explosive bit  to "V0lat1le data" that fires one bolt. Apart from tier 1, explosion radius increases 6% per level.
Stream 4 5 Increases "V0lat1le data" duration by 1 second per level.
Emergency projection 4 1 While in "Fight for your life", a digistructed copy of your self complete with your equiped weapon and shield appears. You are revived if it kills something. It dissapears if you die, it dies, or if you are revived.
Ammo byte 5 5 Adds an Ammo bit to "V0lat1le data" that gives ammo when hit. Apart from tier 1, ammo given is increased by 25% per level.
Crescendo 5 5 All volatile bits burst at the end of their "V0lat1le data" at 100% +10% effectiveness per level.
Quick buffer 6 1 Volatile bits reload every 6 seconds.

Echo communications




When joining.

When intering "Fight for your life."

When reviving an ally.

When being revived.

Critical kill

Throwing a grenade

Killing a Badass

When recovering (Kill revive.)

When Deus Ex Machina is activated

Using Thanatos

Kill streak

Kills with Thanatos

Critical hits

When spotting a Badass

When ramming enemies while driving

Hitting another player while driving

Issuing a challenge

Looking at a map

Spotting items

When waiting

Leveling up