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Just some ideas for some legendary gear I COMPLETELY offer to Gearbox. Use as you desire, my friends!


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
Big TonyPistolThanatos says "Hi"Massive magazine, increased fire rate.
TankaShotgunEMBRACE THE FLAME!Always Incendiary, decreased pellet count, but fires large, slow-moving fireballs that have a high chance to ignite
BonesawAssault RifleThe hip bone's connected to the...well, not anymoreConsumes 4 rounds per shot, fires Bandit Technical sawblades that stick into enemies, slow them down, and deal DOT before disappearing
GrindSMGYou can't be king of the worldConsumes 2 rounds, fires 4, much like an Anarchy SMG from BL1
SlaughterhouseLauncherPut the laughter in slaughterIncreased power and splash damage, lower accuracy
SchismE-Tech ShotgunCan't we all just get along?Each energy orb deals a different element of damage, one incendiary, one shock, one


Power FistRoid ShieldNow you're punching with power!When depleted, each melee attack that lands knocks enemies back, much like Salvador's Fistful of Hurt
Armoured shellPsyco class modYou punch like a sissy, but i dontnullifies all chances to hit yourself, damage reduction 100%, melee damage 500%, cooldown rate 500%, all Shields have 0% capacity, dropped by Mr. Bubbles

Notes and Trivia

  • The Big Tony is a reference to the Thanatos from BL1.
  • The Grind and it's flavor text are a reference to a Skid Row song. The full lyric is, "You can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind."
  • The Power Fist and it's flavor text reference the NES peripheral The Power Glove and it's slogan, "Now you're playing with power."
  • The Armoured shell is a tonic in Bioshock 2


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
EspionagePistolMy little cauliflowerAs long as this gun is in the player's hands, that player's presence will not aggro enemies. Only by firing a shot, meleeing, throwing a grenade, or activating an Action Skill will you aggro enemies.
StormtrooperAssault RifleAccuracy's underratedHigher recoil reduction, reduced burst-fire delay
Filthy AnimalSMGKeep the changeWhen unsighted, fires normally. When sighted, fires two shots at the cost of one in a five round burst
AncientSniperThe EndIncreased recoil reduction, fires three round bursts, third round stuns enemies and deals 50% more damage
PhiE-Tech PistolStanding ByFires in three round bursts, lowered status effect damage and chance, any status effects inflicted with this gun persist until the enemy dies
M*A*S*HBooster ShieldSuicide is PainlessDropped boosters also restore health
ShrapnelBouncing Betty GrenadeKickback and get a load of this bombshellAs the grenade bounces, it fires fields of shrapnel, similar to rounds fired by the Flakker

Notes and Trivia

  • The flavor text on the Espionage references the Team Fortress 2 Meet the Spy video, where the red Spy calls the Blue Scout's mother "Ma petite chou-fleur."
  • The Filthy Animal references the movie shown in Home Alone where the man says, "Keep the change, you filthy animal."
  • The Ancient references MGS3: Snake Eater.
  • The Phi references the Japanese television show Kamen Rider 555 (pronounced Faiz), where the title character uses a gun that fires in three shot bursts and uses a phone that says "Standing By" right before changing into his Kamen Rider form.
  • The M*A*S*H references not only the real Mobile Army Surgical Hospital with it's ability, but it's flavor text is the name of the theme song for the television series of the same name.
  • Shrapnel, Kickback, and Bombshell are the names of the Insecticons in Transformers Generation 1.


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
ConventionPistolA shattering of like mindsComes to full accuracy immediately, increased crit damage
EfficiencyShotgunSecond only to anarchyEach shot only consumes half a round, so that the actual magazine size is twice that listed
CompetitionSMGRude, yet effectiveSacrifices accuracy to improve in all other areas
SunziSniper RifleWar is an art, and I am RembrandtAlways spawns with bayonet that grants +50% melee, but still has an open accessory slot. Redundant bayonets grant a total +100% melee.
Hostile TakeoverE-Tech Sniper RifleUnder new managementUpon scoring a critical hit, the shot will ricochet towards the nearest enemy's crit zone. Shots fired can ricochet up to three times in this manner, even bouncing back and forth between two targets.
MarshallAmp ShieldPlug into the devil itself0 Amp Drain, reduced Amp Damage, but applies Amp Damage to every shot fired until the shield is depleted, rather than only at full shield.
QuantumSingularity GrenadeTake solace in your deathSingularity effect holds enemies longer, almost like Phaselock, and deals DOT to enemies held in the singularity

Notes and Trivia

  • The Efficiency's flavor text comes from a quote made by Aldous Huxley: "The worst enemy of life, freedom and the common decencies is total anarchy; their second worst enemy is total efficiency."
  • The Competition's flavor text is from a quote by Toba Beta: "Competition is a rude yet effective motivation.”
  • Sunzi is another way to say Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War.
  • The Marshall is a reference to the Marshall brand of Electric Guitar amps.
  • The Quantum's flavor text references the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
TombstonePistolWhat would you like on yours?Shots fired immediately after sighting in gain +50% damage
BoomstickShotgunFist FullOnly consumes ammo and needs to be reloaded when your shield is depleted
BroncoAssault RifleBuilt Jakobs ToughHigh recoil and damage. Upon reload, there is a chance the player will "break" the Bronco and the gun will gain increased recoil reduction and faster reload speed
TranscontinentalSniper RifleMurder train a'cominIncreased projectile velocity, increased power and crit damage
Grizzly"Rough Rider" ShieldHe did have a beardLarge health bonus, large damage reduction bonus that increases as your health decreases, up to 60%

Notes and Trivia

  • The Tombtone's flavor text references the slogan of Tombstone pizza.
  • The Boomstick's flavor text references the Evil Dead video game, Fistful of Boomstick, and it's ability reflects how, in the films, Ash never needed to reload unless he were in extreme danger.
  • The Bronco's flavor text is a reference to the Ford Motor Company slogan, "Built Ford Tough." The Bronco is also a Ford model vehicle.
  • The Transcontinental's flavor text references, not only the fact that it's namesake is a railroad, but also a song by fictional metal band, Dethklok.
  • The Grizzly's flavor text is a reference to a line from the movie, Happy Gilmore, where a character that had previously remained silent speaks to confirm that "Grizzly Adams did have a beard."


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
FirehawkPistolBeing a god sucks...most of the timeAlways Incendiary, reduced power, but faster fire rate and only consumes one round per shot
NightmareSMGPhase, Shock, and BarrelAlways Shock, Shock version of the Hellfire
PhilosopherSniper RifleEntirely FerrousAlways Slag, average chance to slag, but the element of the shot changes depending on what it hits (Incendiary for flesh, Shock for shield, and Corrosive for armor), despite being able to fire all elements, this gun can only inflict the slag status
PlagueLauncherBring out your dead!Always Corrosive, consumes two rounds per shot, fires six smaller rockets, high chance to corrode, enemies killed with the Plague explode in a corrosive shower that can spread to other enemies
TeleforceE-Tech LauncherWar and Peace RayConsumes two rounds per shot, fires a stream of energy that inflicts continuous damage to the target and anything else near the beam
FahrenheitNova Shield451 ways to dieAlways Incendiary, nova blast has 100% chance to ignite, high burn damage
ElectroplateNova ShieldA protective layer of deathAlways Shock, massive damage reduction while shield is depleted
TetanusNova ShieldBend overAlways Corrosive, enemies corroded by this shield will perpetually corrode until this shield begins to regenerate
VampyreTransfusion GrenadeI never drink...bloodAlways Incendiary, bypasses shields

Notes and Trivia

  • The Firehawk's flavor text refers to a line Lilith says during the Cult of the Firehawk missions.
  • The Philosopher's flavor text is synonymous with "Full Metal" a reference to the anime Full metal Alchemist.
  • The Plague is an update of the Maliwan Crux from BL1.
  • The Teleforce is the name of a weapon devised by Nikola Tesla that he called the Peace Ray, hence the flavor text.
  • The Fahrenheit's flavor text references the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 and the television show 1000 Ways to Die.
  • The Vampyre's flavor text is taken from Bram Stoker's Dracula.


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
EqualizerPistolLevel the playing fieldSmall amount of ammo regen, when reloaded, the base damage for the throw is based upon a full magazine and increases the more ammo is left in the mag, with a reload throw performed after one shot dealing nearly double damage.
DefenderShotgunQuality protection for a low, low priceSmall amount of ammo regen, as long as the Defender is in the player's hands, the player gains +20% Damage Reduction
SaviorSMGWorship me!Small amount of ammo regen, when reload-thrown at an ally in FFYL, they instantly revive, the health they receive reflecting the amount of ammo left in the mag
Door BusterLauncherEverything must goStraighter, more focused reload throw, higher damage, larger blast radius on shots fired and reload throw, chance to stun enemies
Lava LampE-Tech SMGFar OutIncreased reload throw distance, when it explodes, produces three elemental blobs similar to a Splatgun that cover a larger area
MaximumShieldHelluva rideSlightly increased capacity, ludicrously high recharge rate, slightly higher delay

Notes and Trivia

  • The Equalizer, Defender, and Savior are brought back from BL1 with different abilities and new flavor text.


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
GriffinPistolI've got a lovely bunch of MIRV grenadesConsumes six ammo per shot, fires MIRV grenades with an 8 child grenade count, cannot spawn with Double accessory
Friendly FireShotgunHAVE A NICE MOTHER[bleep]ING DAY!Rockets are fired in a fixed Smiley Face pattern, deals explosive and incendiary splash damage
BastardAssault RifleTorgue! Inglorious guns for inglorious people!Increased projectile speed and damage, higher rate of fire
MoretonLauncherHang 10,000,000 degreesConsumes 2 rounds per shot, increased damage and blast radius, but not quite on par with the Nukem, infinite projectile velocity, meaning that whenever the player pulls the trigger, whatever is in the Moreton's sights will instantly explode
FalconeNova/Roid ShieldPAWNCH!When depleted, the player gains a massive roid damage boost, their next melee attack creates a nova that deals explosive and incendiary damage, and the shield will not recharge until the player performs a melee attack, regardless of whether it connects with an enemy
Carpet BombMIRV GrenadeDoes it match the drapes? MAAAYYYBEEEE!Reduced damage, child grenade count of 20-24, grenade splits upon being thrown, similar to the Fuster Cluck

Notes and Trivia

  • The Griffin's flavor text references the song "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" sung by Merv Griffin.
  • The Friendly Fire and Bastard are both returning guns from BL1 with slightly modified flavor text, the FF's to reflect Mister Torgue's vernacular, and the Bastard's to reflect how people saw the Glorious Bastard variant in BL1 as a reference to the movie Inglorious Basterds.
  • A Moreton Wave is a 'solar tsunami' caused by solar flares, and is capable of traveling at around 560K MPH (250 km/s)
  • The Falcone's effect and flavor text is a reference to the signature move of F-Zero character, Captain Falcon. Also, when depleted, the Vault Hunter will say "Falcone." When the player uses a melee attack, the VH will shout "PAWNCH!" Except Krieg will say "Cockatiel SLAUGHTER!"
  • The Carpet Bomb's flavor text references the crude question, "Does the carpet match the drapes?" usually asked to determine if a woman's hair color is natural.


Name Gun Type Flavor Text Special Effect
BeyondPistolTo there and hereTypical Vladof pistol except rounds can penetrate physical shields like those wielded by Nomad Taskmasters and small bits of cover like fences
LiberatorAssault RifleEverything's in RedDamage increases the longer the trigger is held down, with the last round in the mag doing around triple damage
ChornobylskaSniper RifleFukushima don't come closeAlways Corrosive, head shots produce corrosive novas
TerribleLauncherMakes you worse at just about everythingActually it's a pretty good launcher Higher fire rate, increased chance of free shots
Bounty HunterE-Tech Assault RifleNo DisintegrationNever Slag, increased damage modifiers against appropriate targets
GluttonyAbsorb ShieldSave room for desertLower absorb chance than The Sham, but absorbed bullets also restore some health
FalloutAOE GrenadeProbability of mission hindrance: 0%Always Slag, large AOE, 100% chance to slag anything within its radius
MaceratorVladof minigunlead milkshake anyone?No element, rate of fire from 6 to 1000 bullets a second, has infinite ammo, damage per bullet is average, drop-rate is 0.5%
Drillsub machine gunfirst came the screw, then came the drillany element, always dropped with the screw, increased fire rate by 20% for every drill in hand(four gunzerkers with one drill and seven screws=140% fire rate)
screwpistolbetter get to workany element, always dropped with the drill, bullets puncture any materiel at a cost of damage, but if a drill is in hand of any other player damage is increased when puncturing

Notes and Trivia

  • The Liberator's flavor text is a reference to a line spoken in Fox's Anastasia.
  • Chronobylska is the Russian way of saying Chernobyl, and the flavor text references the only other level 7 nuclear catastrophe as classified on the International Nuclear Event Scale, Fukushima, Japan
  • The Terrible gains its name from Russian Tsar, Ivan Vasilyevich, AKA Ivan the Terrible.
  • The Bounty Hunter's flavor text is a line spoken by Darth Vader to Boba Fett during The Empire Strikes Back
  • The flavor text on the Fallout is a line spoken by the character Liberty Prime in Bethesda's Fallout 3. Ironic that Vladof is a Soviet Russia inspired manufacturer and Liberty Prime was violently anti-Communism.


Name Gun Type Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect
DarwinAdaptive ShieldAnshinNatural Selection, Bitch!Higher capacities on all stats, 100% Elemental Resistance
TerrapinTurtle ShieldPangolinIt's not hard to understandSlightly lower capacity, but still higher than that of any other non-Pangolin shield, but with no penalties to Health

Notes and Trivia

Notes from Me

There are six guns in this list that gain and grant special abilities when wielded by a particular Vault Hunter. If you can find them, I'll spill what they do.

Mech-Romance (talk) 19:57, October 2, 2013 (UTC)

EDIT: Sakuretsu115, comment below, found three of the six special guns. So, here they are, with an explanation of how I chose them.

EDIT 2: Sakuretsu115 has found another of the special guns.

EDIT 3: Sakuretsu115, the only one playing this little game, found Axton's special gun. I'll just go ahead and spill what Sal's does, too, since his is a bit of a stretch.

VH Name Special Ability
KriegBandit TankaWhen Krieg wields the Tanka, he's always on fire, Bloodlust stack cap is raised to 150, and stack accumulation is doubled.
MayaMaliwan NightmareWhen reloaded, releases a shock nova similar to Gaige's Shock and AAAGGGGHHH!, shock damage from all sources is increased, and when an enemy is Phaselocked, the phase bubble releases a shock burst, similar to Helios
Zer0Hyperion SunziMelee bonus from gun is doubled (max of +200%), gun comes to full accuracy immediately, and gains +400% crit damage
SalvadorVladof BeyondIncreased Gunzerk duration, Get Some's cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds, and, when Gunzerked alongside the Infinity, the two guns share abilities, meaning that shots from the Infinity can penetrate cover and shields, and the Beyond has infinite ammo.
AxtonVladof TerribleBoosts Axton's stats equivalent to 5 points in Ranger, increases the number of rockets fired by the Sabre Turrets Scorched Earth ability, and gains an even higher chance of free shots, about 3 shots per rocket in the mag.
GaigeDahl StormtrooperIncreases accuracy as Anarchy stacks increase, by about +1.5% per stack, so net loss per stack is only -.25%, kills with this gun give two stacks of Upshot Robot, and ignores mag penalties from Smaller, Lighter, Faster.
  • The Tanka got it's name from the japanese word 'tenka' which roughly means 'to set fire to' or 'to ignite'. Perfect for Krieg.
  • The Nightmare started out as a reference to Nightmare Before Christmas, and the flavor text was originally 'Lock, Shock, and Barrel'. Then, I changed it to 'Phase, Shock, and Barrel' because Phase...lock...bad, pun, yeah, but it still works.
  • The Sunzi was easy. I needed a Sniper Rifle for Zer0, and one of his Haikus mentions that killing is an art, so what better name for the gun than the author of The Art of War
  • The Stromtrooper had to go to Gaige since a common insult to those with poor aim is "You shoot like a stormtrooper."
  • The Terrible went to Axton because the original flavor text I had for it was similar to the text on Ranger.
  • The Beyond went to Salvador because of the Infinity. The flavor text on the Beyond says "To there and here." Well, here, in your hands, is the Beyond, and anyone who has seen Toy Story can finish the phrase "To ______ and Beyond."

Mech-Romance (talk) 22:15, October 3, 2013 (UTC)


Well, this is fun! I like seeing stuff like this. Ok, here I go.

For Salvador, the only things I could think of are the Torgue Falcone roid shield and the Anshin Darwin adaptive shield. For the Falcone, it matches almost exactly to his skill Fistful of Hurt, but that's all I got. For the Darwin, it's ironic because he is stunted not due to natural phenomenon, but rather his taking of steroids.

For Maya, I only came up with the Dahl Ancient sniper and the Maliwan Nightmare smg. The Ancient because she is from an "ancient" order and/or she is a siren. The Nightmare because she is, well, a siren - and the people of Athenas (or whatever planet she's from) had feared her for so long.

For Axton, I only got the Jakobs Grizzly shield and the Torgue Bastard assault rifle. Honestly, I thought of the Grizzly solely because of the Grizzled Veteran head. The Bastard because Axton was a glory hunter back when he was in the army.

For Zer0, I thought of the Hyperion Efficiency shotgun and Sunzi sniper rifle, the Jakobs Tombstone pistol and the Vladof Bounty Hunter assault rifle. The Efficiency only because Zer0 has an entire tree dedicated to sniping - which usually leads people to the term efficient/efficiency (one shot, one kill mantra - etc.). The Sunzi because, for Zer0, killing is an art and it's also a sniper rifle. I also chose the Tombstone because the flavor text matches similar to when Zer0 says a haiku (including that ECHO between him and one of his marks). The Bounty Hunter for obvious reasons - he was a bounty hunter before being a Vault Hunter.

For Gaige, I didn't go for anything related to shock. Instead, I went with the Bandit Bonesaw assault rifle and Power Fist roid shield. The Bonesaw because it reminds me of when she sawed off her own arm and the Power Fist because she had said once that she could shatter concrete with her new robotic arm (the fact that she doesn't is irrelevant).

Lastly, we have Krieg. I chose the Bandit Tanka shotgun because of "embracing the flame" and the Torgue Friendly Fire because of his skill that enables friendly fire and his quote to go with it.

I know I probably got them all wrong, but these could be taken in many different ways. It doesn't really matter, I still had fun. Let me know how I did. Sakuretsu115 (talk) 21:34, October 2, 2013 (UTC)

Hopefully I'm doing this right. I've never actually added to a forum post on a Wikia wiki before, so let me know if I'm doing it wrong. I'd just like to submit a Legendary idea of my own: The Bandit Pelican (His beak can hold more than his bellican). The Pelican is a fairly typical Bandit Shotgun, with low stats compared to shotguns from other manufacturers. However, its magazine size is equivalent to your character's maximum ammunition capacity for shotgun ammunition, and any ammo you pick up adds to the clip rather than the reserve. This means that the Pelican never needs to be reloaded, allowing for sustained DPS at the cost of other stats. The name and flavor text are references to a poem by American poet Dixon Lanier Merritt. If you like my idea, feel free to add it to your list. Dog in yard (talk) 01:06, October 4, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, here's to round two. Alright, here I go. Daisy, I like you a whole lot, more than... No, wait, I'm not Scooter. Anyway, for this attempt I didn't get very many choices. I only came up with a total of 4 weapons for the remaining 3 Vault Hunters.

Salvador got the Tediore Equalizer pistol and the Bandit Slaughterhouse rocket launcher. Personally, I'm leaning more towards the Equalizer. I chose the Equalizer because the name and flavor text can reference Sal's stunted height. However, that's all I have for that one. Next is the Slaughterhouse. Honestly, I only chose this one because at one point Salvador had said something like; "Killing badguys is awesome!" That is from an ECHO in Thousand Cuts.

I decided to group Axton and Gaige together because I only came up with one weapon each. I couldn't find anything for Axton until, that is, I found the Tedior Door Buster rocket launcher. For me, nothing seemed like it really fit for Axton. The Door Buster reminds me of military units blowing doors open with small explosives - and Axton was a military guy before turning (Badass) Vault Hunter. Gaige - and I can't believe I didn't see this one earlier - got the Dahl Stormtrooper assault rifle. The flavor text gave it away immediately. Gaige's Ordered Chaos tree can cause Gaige to sometimes say "Accuracy's overrated" when she has a certain amount of Anarchy stacks. It's funny because, and I'll quote Hyperion (or maybe just Marcus): "What good is a gun that doesn't shoot where you point..." And the rest is history (or maybe anarchy?). Once again, please let me know how I did. I also apologize for the wall of text. Sakuretsu115 (talk) 10:58, October 4, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, here's my third attempt - and last attempt if I don't get it this time, because I'll be out of ideas. This time I came up with a few more choices for Axton (my least played Vault Hunter) and one of them I threw in there simply because there is a slight possibility that it might be his gun - though very unlikely. First off is that gun, the Jakobs Tomstone pistol. I only chose this gun (again) because the effect mentions ADSing to take effect - similar to Axton's Expertise skill (I think it's called that). Though that is a long shot. Next is a tie (though for extra effects and bonuses I would go for the second one) between the the Torgue Moreton rocket launcher and the Vladof Terrible rocket launcher. The Moreton is simply the Longbow+Nuke combo of Axton's skills in gun form. The Terrible's flavor text looks like it would be similar (maybe identical) to Axton's Ranger skill.
I also chose a gun for Salvador that doesn't seem to me that it would be the gun, but threw it in anyway. This gun is the Bandit Big Tony pistol. I only chose it because it is very similar to the Gub - magazine size, anyway. Boring, right? Now here's the gun that Salvador would be using. Similar to the Torgue Unkempt Harold pistol, the Torgue Griffin pistol would be devastating while gunzerking. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the double accesory - so no Double Penetrating Griffin.
If I, for some reason, still didn't get all the guns for the Vault Hunters, then I will let someone else try to get it because I give up. After this try, I would be guessing - and guessing would not be fun for anyone, and nobody wants that. Sakuretsu115 (talk) 10:18, October 8, 2013 (UTC)

Nice! Here's a few of my own:

Jakobs sniper rifle

(Post Mortem) Effects: Cleaning up the dead : High damage with x18 pellet count and increased reload speed.

Tongue shotgun (Nuke silo)

Effetcs : I SAID BOOOOORING : increased fire rate and reload speed at the cost of capacity and damage

Dahl SMG (Gravel Eagle).

Effects : Yolo mode!!!

Increased damage and fire rate at a cost to accuracy projectiles will explode at random distances

Maliwan Laucher (Alchemy) Effects : I ain't no Harry! Rockets will travel straight with increased velocity with each projectile exploding with a random element.

Bandit Assault Rifle (Hih thur) Effects : Buletz Plzzz! Increased reload speed, fire rate and accuracy at the cost of damage random chance of free ammo

Tediore Pistol (Economics). Effects : Better start saving... Increased magazine size and damage at the cost of fire rate But has a chance that when reloaded, thrown gun will split into 5 and home in on nearest enemies, firing and eventually exploding with a random element.

Ripper tech

Note to folks, use the Table function to make those nice rows.

I'd like to make a whole new class of tech. Ripper tech. Known for sharp blades and unique versions of guns. Meaning all their guns have blades that give +100% melee and something else.

Downside: They can't have stable stocks or accuacy boosting laser sights.

Pistols: Better blades, +200% melee damage.

Assault rifles: quicker reloads. Average 1-2 reload speed

Shotguns: more pellet count. about 8-12 per bullet.

Snipers: lightning quick, +150% velocity

SMG: multi-shot, fires between 3-5 shots for each bullet. Shots defined next to damage number.

Spike shields: Higher spike damage output. reduced recharge delays, but lower capacities.

Legendary Ripper Tech
Name Item Type Flavor Text Special Effect
Mr.Jack Pistol This ain't no butterknife. +500% melee damage, slightly above purple stats
MinuteMan Assault rifle Ready at a moments notice. 0.5 reload speed, larger mag size, increased damage
Blunderbuss Shotgun Shh... I'm hunting bandits. 16-24 shot for one bullet. Otherwise slightly higher than purple stats.
The Wind Sniper They can't fight back if they don't hear you. Gives same aggro stats as if you were in the back of a vehicle. (extremely low aggro chance)
Paintbrush SMG Minigun? Check. 6-10 shots per bullet, faster fire rate.
Sharkskin Spike shield Don't touch!!! MASSIVE Spike damage, element spikes will leave enemies aflicted with element. (burn/shock/corrode/slag)

So that's my idea for guns. Gearbox, feel free to use those allong with any other ideas on here I made up. I just ask for a free copy or something. MythicShadows (talk) 02:45, October 22, 2013 (UTC)

A few of my Ideas (Informer232)

Here are a few of my ideas, if that's okay:

Name Gun Type Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect
VulpisPistolMaliwanWhat DOES the fox say?Each shot causes multiple novas on impact. Consumes 4 ammo per shot but has an increased magazine.
InsanitySMGBanditDid I ever tell you the definition?Massive critical hit bonuses (500%), has a chance to paralyze a target.
Fusion FlareE-tech Plasma CasterMaliwan<Insert Dragon-like Bellowing here>Shots cause elemental novas on impact, consumes 6 ammo per shot.
HeatmakerSniper RifleJakobsSniping's a good job mate!Scoring 3 Critical hit grant special Railer rounds that cause criticals anywhere on the target seconds. magazine size increased to 25, damage reduced by 20%.
Flower of LifeShieldAnshinPrepare for a New Age of pain!Above purple level stats. Fires 13 transfusion projectiles when the shield is depleted.
YahtzeeShotgunHyperionIt could only be more awesome if it had t**s and on fireLightning elemental only. fires a fast moving Sawblade projectile similar to those fired by Bandit Technicals.
PresentSMGDahlThe Gift that just keeps giving...Successful criticals return ammo proportionate to the damage dealt, Increased critical hit damage and stability.
NostalgiaSMGMaliwanThis takes me back...Explosive elemental with Explosive DoT (Continuous Explosions on afflicted target) Only Legitimate Prefix is 'Cobalt'.
DelphoxE-tech Sniper RifleMaliwanWell I could see where this is going...Fire Elemental. Massive Zoom (around 10x), time slows for the user while scoped, fires a large, fast moving projectile that explodes on impact.

Alternate Legendaries

Alternate Legendaries (which are Red) are even rarer variations on Legendaries, and are earned by killing a certain enemy with that weapon or item (Shields have to be equipped, Grenade Mods have to had landed at least one hit) to which then you would have a chance at the weapon. Alternates normally have better effect than their Legendary counterparts, and a different name.

Name Gun Type Manufacturer Item Required Enemy To Kill Flavor Text Special Effect
Anti-HeroSMGHyperionBaneRakkmanI Ain't like that NowAll of the Bane's penalties and voice modules removed, Immunity to Slagging or Critical hits while wielded
The SpyPistolMaliwanJudgeAny AssassinSorry to pop in unannouncedSuccessful Hits restore Action skill, Hits in Decepti0n Extend it's Duration.

Varesse's Ideas...of Guns and stuff

As much as I like making my own weapons, I think hybrids would be pretty cool.

Name Gun/Item Type Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect
Gecko Pistol Tediore It's Tail Time! When thrown, the pistol will fly in a rapid, tight circle in front of the player.  The resulting explosion does NOT harm self or other players.  Increased magazine size and slow ammo regen.
Double Grips Assault Rifle Vladof Two guns are always better than one. No visible special effect, other than no slow down when ADS.  The guns special effect is activated when a Gunzerker holds two.  With this, everything is either halved/doubled.  Double damage, double fire rate, ammo consumption halved, recoil halved, etc. 
Ring of Bear Pistol Hyperion Oh Piss. Talking gun that sounds incredibly creepy, potentially racist and pedophilic.  Health is fully restored when shooting enemies in perverted locations.
Baz SMG Maliwan Can you feel the Storm?! Always shock only.  Absurd shock damage and chance, shock DOT length is tripled.  Fixed firing pattern that resembles a storm cloud with a lightning bolt.
WHAT... Spike/Nova Shield Torgue ...THE FU- BOOOOOOOM! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Upon shield depletion, the shield will shout "WHAT THE FU-" and then explode violently, most likely multiple times with a set blast radius (2,000).  Player melee damage causes rocket launcher sized explosions.  All explosion damage is nullified and turned into knockback (even if it doesn't harm you to begin with).  Lootable objects will now explode.
Explosion-tastic Shotgun Torgue TORGUE MAKES THINGS EXPLODE...END OF SALES PITCH! Explosion radius increased.  Upon impact, pellets will spout out 3 grenades in random trajectories and velocities.  Using this and WHAT... shield will regenerate health and grenades upon getting a kill.  Explosions that are underfoot will reduce the effect of gravity.
TRUE Sledge's Shotgun Shotgun Jakobs The TRUE Legend Lives! 100 Round burst, absurdly increased reload speed.  All parts predefined except for accessory and sight.  Sight massively determines accuracy.  Mag size is set to 2.  Massive knockback.
Hashtag Shotgun Hyperion You only live once. While downed and equipped with this shotgun, reload speed is automatically dropped to 0.1 and fire rate is boosted to 20.  Fixed firing pattern resembles a hashtag.
Piko SMG Dahl Not the hammer you were expecting. Plays annoying, squeaks everytime it is shot.  Mediocre damage.  Every step taken is a squeak as well, but movement speed is increased by 250%.  Enemies that are hit with it will produce many star particles and may become dazed.
Name Gun/Item Type Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect
Death's Scythe Sniper Rifle Hyperion You reap what you sow. Complete accuracy and no sway when zoomed in.  Varying crit bonus on different scope attached.  Highest is with no sight at all, which gives a 10,000% crit bonus.  Moderately low fire rate.
The Fan Assault Rifle Dahl You know what hit it. Rounds are explosive or elemental.  Increased Fire Rate.  Moderate knockback.  Pattern is in the shape of a common desk fan.
Pincers of Vermivorous Shotgun Bandit So you've found me... Fires multiple pellets that expand and contract much like a pair of scissors or pincers.  Always Corrosive.  Increases Vermivorous and Chubby Varkid spawn chance.  Multiple PoV held will stack, regardless if from another player or a Gunzerker holding two.
Existence SMG Maliwan EVERYTHIIIIIIIIING!! Inflicts all elements (non-elemental and explosive included) of damage in a single shot.  One element will always proc (if it has a DOT/status effect.)  Moderately low damage.
Slurpee Pistol Vladof Goes down easy, comes out smooth. Default mag size 10.  Every bullet fired only uses 1/10 of a bullet.  Obscene fire rate (surpassing a CHOPPER/Shredifier/Jakobs Rifle).  Slower reload speed.
Chuck Lorris Sniper Rifle Jakobs You do not shoot the gun. The gun instead shoots you. Insane Damage and crit bonus.  Great knockback.  Holds only 1 shot in the gun, slighty faster reload speed.  Instantanous projectile velocity, critical hits make you undetectable if not detected in the first place.
Nevada Grenade Mod Vladof Somewhere in this state... Massive area of effect (10,000-50,000).  Always Fire.  Lasts 5 minutes.  Player does not take damage (unless more than one is active.)  All enemies are sure to be lit on fire, unless they are resiliant.  Causes random implosions and lightning strikes. 
Clown Shield Pangolin YOU NO KILL CLOWN! CLOWN KILL YOU! Very little to no health reduction.  Above average shield capacity (for a Turtle Shield), mediocre Shield Recharge rate and poor Recharge Delay.  When depleted, movement speed is increased 400%.  When Nevada is in effect, player can double jump and slam into the ground.
Troll Pistol Hyperion Has no friends. Same as a normal Purple rarity Hyperion Pistol.  However, when one is in Fight for Your Life mode, bullets will split into 9 and take shape of a troll face.  If you bleed out and die, grenades will jump from your body until you vanish for respawning.
BirthFire Pistol Maliwan This is not an aborted fetus that is on fire as a gun, no siree. Moderate fire rate.  Insanely high proc rate, comparable to an Infection.  Shots have a chance of spawning additional bullets, about having the same chance as a Baby Maker does in spawning mini grenades.
Alterizer Relic Eridians What the honest flying butt f*** does this do and why? Savagely alters all special weapons and gear.
Dura-bell Shield Tediore Keeps you going...FOREVER Hellishly fast Recharge delay, slightly lowered shield capacity.  On depeltion the shield will refill your mag.
Ion Cannon E-Tech Launcher Maliwan MuffinMix would be proud. Absolutely gigantic blast radius.  Along with blast radius is a constant EOA field that slowly shrinks over time.  10 ammo per shot.
Name Gun/Item Type Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Abilities
Miss Moxxi's Dark Matter Sniper Rifle Maliwan The cleaner side. Always Slag.  Main projectile spawns many explosions mid-flight, and are based off of distance.  100% Slagging chance, slow velocity and mediocre damage.  Half of all damage dealt while this is being held is returned as health for the player. 
DRAGN Grenade MOD Hyperion Its power is OVER 9001!!!! Upon throwing, it will instantly detonate.  With detonation, it will fire a gigantic beam that does constant slag, shock and fire damage to everyone inside.  Ignores all obstructions.
Super Novi Grenade MOD Torgue Took you long enough. Emulates the Meteor Shower.  However, all bonuses to gun damage are transferred to the grenade.  Any Torgue weapon held (or anything with a blast radius) when a 'nade is thrown will give it blast radius bonus equal to how big the blast is for the gun itself.  Child grenades emulate the same element as the held gun.
Kouen Tori E-Tech SMG Tediore Silly burd! Moderately low accuracy, greatly increased fire rate.  Shoots two projectiles for the cost of two rounds.  When reloaded two guns are thrown, one after the other.  Thrown weapons can score critical hits.  Increased mag size, and subtle ammo regen.  Projectile count and thrown weapons increase by one for every additional enemy that is currently engaged with the player, while fire rate drops by 10% with each one.
Truck Driver Shotgun Tediore Move, bitch! Get out of the way! Every shot throws the player forward a few inches.  Enemies that make contact with the player during this time are stunned and knocked out of the way.  When this gun is reloaded, it will play a sound similar to a truck horn. The thrown gun will bee-line straight until it hits a surface, from which it will explode.  Hitting a target will cause them to be thrown out of the way, but will keep going. 
Azurite Sniper Rifle Dahl The evolved form of Tangerine Shish Kabobs. Always Incendiary.  Shots from this gun will create a fire orb, with 5 more that orbit the main one rapidly.  Variable projectile velocity.  Projectile velocity determines how fast the orbs spin.
Amendment Assault Rifle Vladof Soooo many changes...REVOLT! Absurdly variable stats that change every quarter of a second.  Stats shown on the item card are the average of the stats.  Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Elemental damage and proc chance maximum is quadruple, while minimum is 3/4.  Reload Speed maximum is doubled, the minimum being 1/8.
Missing Number Shield Anshin I am your worst nightmare. Player will experience fake glitches, where stats appear errored and faulty.  UI looks messed up and all textures become "ruined" until taken off.  Bullets may or may not phase through everything.
Scout Shotgun Bandit You can't hit my tiny head! Increased movement speed.  Amount is dependent entirely on level.  Reload Speed and Swap Speed are also made faster depending on weapon level.
Stampede SMG Dahl Holy stampede, IT'S A STAMPEDE! Bullets work similar to the Unkempt Harold.  Unlike it however, how many are split from are random.  Crippling fire rate, and is never Slag.  It can be explosive however.
Jack Sniper Rifle Jakobs Not the Jack you think it is.


Mandatory bayonet.  Melee can be performed much faster, 400% Melee damage bonus.  Override cool downs are halved.  +25% crit bonus.  All other stats are horrid.  All crit bonuses are added to melee strikes.
Sheriff Pistol Jakobs I stole your pies. Shoots explosive pies that do little to no damage.  However, bandits and other foes using firearms will be forced to use this gun when shot.  Players will not be forced to use this weapon when shot by another enemy.
Hank SMG Hyperion I WANT MY PIES BACK! KNOCK IT OFF! Above average stats.  Accuracy recovery similar to Lady Fist, and 1,000% damage boost towards anyone wielding a Sheriff Pistol.
Wispy Woe E-Tech Pistol Vladof The Revolution of Shadows. Mediocre fire rates.  Always Slag.  Projectiles arc much like Miss Moxxi's Hail.  While in flight, projectiles will swerve towards enemies.
GTFO Relic Eridians RAGDOOOOLLLLL! All explosive weapons (or anything that has a blast radius) gains a massive knockback bonus.  Knockback power is based of off the rarity of the weapon in question and it's resulting explosion.
Bone(r) Muncher SMG Bandit Some people say I am too crude... Emulates the Bone Shredder, except with better accuracy, 4 projectiles for 1 bullet, and better reload speeds. 
Fenrir Launcher Torgue Its. SO. F***ING. BIG! Map wide explosion.  Uses all launcher ammo in a single shot.  Amount used determines power.  Player is barely effected unless damage is turned into knockback.
A Different Blockhead E-Tech Shotgun Tediore Blockland: That game where it's not a ripoff of Minecraft. Fires 13 globs that act similarly to a Hyperion Splatgun.  All of them are random elements.  They will take the shape of a Blocklandian.
Ultimate Gunzerker Class Mod Torgue One you Gunzerk, you NEVER go back.

+45% Ammo Regen, +125% Reload Speed, and +30% Gun Damage.

  • +5 Filled to the Brim Skill
  • +5 All in the Reflexes Skill
  • +5 Last Longer Skill
  • +5 Yippee Ki Yay Skill
  • +5 Get Some Skill
  • +5 Money Shot Skill
  • +5 Lay Waste Skill
Ultimate Commando Class Mod Dahl Guns and Explosions with a side of Badass, baked, not grilled.

+75% Fire Rate, +100% Magazine Size with all guns and +150% Blast Radius with an AOE radius.

  • +5 Sentry Skill
  • +5 Ready Skill
  • +5 Willing Skill
  • +5 Expertise Skill
  • +5 Metal Storm Skill
  • +5 Onslaught Skill
  • +5 Grit Skill
Ultimate Siren Class Mod Maliwan Melt their face off.

+75% Elemental Chance, +200% DoT tick rate, and +100% reload speed.

  • +5 Suspension Skill
  • +5 Fleet Skill
  • +5 Quicken Skill
  • +5 Restoration Skill
  • +5 Flicker Skill
  • +5 Foresight Skill
  • +5 Blight Phoenix Skill
Ultimate Assassin Class Mod Hyperion Unworthy Opponents.

+100% Reload Speed, +75% Crit Damage and +125% Movement speed.

  • +5 Killer Skill
  • +5 At 0ne with the Gun Skill
  • +5 Vel0city Skill
  • +5 Fast Hands Skill
  • +5 Tw0 Fang Skill
  • +5 Grim Skill
  • +5 F0ll0wthr0ugh Skill

+75% Mag size, +80% Reload speed, and +50% Elemental effect chance.

  • +5 Blood-Filled Guns Skill
  • +5 Boiling Blood Skill
  • +5 Blood Trance Skill
  • +5 Nervous Blood Skill
  • +5 Empty the Rage Skill
  • +5 Strip the Flesh Skill
  • +5 Fuel the Fire Skill
  • +5 Elemental Elation Skill
Ultimate Mechromancer Class Mod Tediore NEEEEERD!

+100% Death Trap duration, +150% Magazine Size, All recoil from Hyperion weapons are nullified.

  • +5 Close Enough Skill
  • +5 The Better Half Skill
  • +5 Myelin Skill
  • +5 Electrical Burn Skill
  • +5 Smaller, Lighter, Faster Skill
  • +5 Preshrunk Cyberpunk Skill
  • +5 The Nth Degree Skill
Speedster's Ticket Relic Eridians BACON! +100% SMG Projectiles, +100% SMG Reload Speed
Pointer's Ban Relic Eridians Dammit Stunty.

Stop stalking.

Sniper Rifle reload speed cut by 75%.  All critical hits make a violent explosion.
Rocketer's Jump Relic Eridians MAGGOTS! Any explosion damage underneath your feet that is created by you is nullified and instead sends you into the air.
Suppresser's Requiem Relic Eridians Give 'em Hell! +2% Reload speed bonus for every 4 bullets in the mag of any Assault Rifle.
Alienator's Bad Game Relic Eridians Aliens died. GG mate. All additional ammo used by E-Tech is negated; damage reduction and critical hit reductions are removed.

Varesse, Ultimate Gunzerker (talk) 02:40, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Comment about class mod ideas

About your ideas of ultimate class mods, I already kinda thought up some badass class mods that boost all leveling up stats of one single tree by up to 5-6. Would you care to take a look? Forum:Badass/best class mods? MythicShadows (talk) 15:16, October 30, 2013 (UTC)


Erm...the class mods I made are more geared toward my general play styles with these characters. 

  • Salvador:  Endless Gunzerking + Omnipotent Damage with a side of decent reload speeds
  • Axton:  Above Average reload speeds + Extremely high fire rates and survivability
  • Maya:  Scout speed (when paired with the Rough Rider [huehuehue]), decent reload speeds and elemental improvements.
  • Zer0:  Absurd reload speeds, and general gun/melee enhancements.
  • Krieg:  Actually being useful.
  • Gaige:  Bullethell

Now that I think about it, I really wish you could just make your own class mods, albeit at a very high cost.

Varesse, Ultimate Gunzerker (talk) 20:54, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Name Gun/Item Type Manufacturer Flavor Text Special Effect
Pinball E-Tech Relic Eridians TILT! All grenades thrown can now bounce 3 times without detonating or losing momentum/velocity.  (exception being Rubberized Grenade Mods)
Rad E-Tech Shotgun Jakobs Professional Chair Thrower. Shoots chairs.  Rather impressive reload speed, can be elemental.
Thief Relic Eridians AND I NEED IT NOW! 0.1% of all damage dealt will be turned into cash.  Melee damage is 2%.
Escort Assault Rifle Dahl GPS my ass. Bullets will track the players line of sight.  Slow projectile velocities, increased damage. 
Dome-Destroyer E-Tech Sniper Rifle Jakobs Now with 100% more SCIENCE! 12 projectiles spawn from the main one the second it is fired.  Mildly increased crit damage, decreased recoil.
Block E-Tech Shield Jakobs Amazing! Great! Fantastic! No charge capacity.  If the player hits the melee button at the perfect time, they will 'block' an attack, negating all damage and side effects.
Creeper Pistol Torgue That's some nice everything you got there. Shoots slow moving, super tracking cannon balls that track down enemies or unopened lootable objects.  Explosions automatically open lootable objects.
Mega Cobra Sniper Rifle Dahl Your Cobra has morphed into MEGA COOOOBRA! Massive blast radius.  Fire rate while in bursts is decreased.  Little to no recoil. 
Super Scout Relic Eridians Need a dispenser here! Insane movement speed bonus.  Player can triple jump.  Extreme immunity to vehicle caused damage.
AMMoh MuHnchurrR E-Tech Relic Eridians I need more ammo! And explosions!

Bandit Allegiance:

  • +100% Reload Speed
  • +100% Fire Rate
  • All ammo consumption is halved with Bandit weapons.
Continuum E-Tech Relic Eridians With no ends ever.

Dahl Allegiance:

  • No recoil.  EVER.
  • Burst Fire doubled
  • Ammo consumption halved when ADS.
Sub-Atomic E-Tech Relic Eridians HAAAAAAX!

Hyperion Allegiance:

  • Max Accuracy +100%
  • Recoil halved.
  • Double Crit Damage (Double Gun Damage for guns that can not score criticals.)
Tradition E-Tech Relic Eridians From generation to generation...

Jakobs Allegiance:

  • Recoil halved
  • Accuracy Recovery +250%
  • Reload Speed +250%
Masolidious E-Tech Relic Eridians Beautiful Destruction. Maliwan.

Maliwan Allegiance:

  • Blast Radius doubled
  • DoT length quadrupled
  • DoT tick rate quadrupled
Blow-out Sale E-Tech Relic Eridians ONLY FOR $19.99!

Tediore Allegiance:

  • Moderately Fast Ammo Regen
  • Magazine Size +500%
  • Reload Speed +1000%
COMBUSTION!!!! E-Tech Relic Eridians Because subtly is for ASS****S!

Torgue Allegiance:

  • Explosion size quadrupled
  • Reload Speed +150%
  • Knockback

Vladof Allegiance:

  • All ammo consumption is cut into quarters.
  • Fire rate +999%
  • Accuracy Recovery +9001%
Eden E-Tech Relic Eridians This is NOT an apple. Maximum Health +250%
Sinkhole E-Tech Relic Eridians NO! NOT BOB! All ammo SDs capacities are tripled.
Extended Life E-Tech Relic Eridians When is this going to die?! -125% Shield Recharge Delay, +150% Shield Capacity
Undying E-Tech Relic Eridians F**k dying. FFYL Time +75%
RailBoost E-Tech Relic Eridians When this s**t hits 616 MPH... Quadruples the effect of boost on vehicles.
Madjack Pistol Maliwan I am back...and MADDER THAN EVER! Emulates Madjack from the first game.  Shoots explosive, squiggly shots.  1 ammo per shot.  Very high rate of fire.
Spy E-Tech SMG Dahl I never really was on your side... +250% Crit Damage, Additional +300% Gun and Crit Damage when an enemies back is facing you.
Fist-Pump Shield Torgue Bro-Fist When getting a kill in FFYL mode, the enemy will explode violently.  Allies will be healed instantly and completely.
Super Ball Grenade Mod Hyperion God...damnit. It went under the couch. Incredibly fast Rubberized Grenade.  Each bounce causes an implosion and leaves a small AOE bomblet.  Movement Speed increases will increase thise grenades velocity.
Ray Cast E-Tech Sniper Rifle Hyperion It will PIERCE THE HEAVENS! Ignores all obstructions.  Can not be deflected.  Every enemy pierced makes an explosion that grows in size with each one pierced.  ADS will enable the player to see enemies through walls.  Getting a kill will highlight critical hit spots.
Ban Hammer E-Tech Shotgun Hyperion ABUSE! Shoots a giant, red hammer that has particles that emit the word "ban".  On impact, the enemy will be frozen in place for a variable amount of time.  All damage dealt during this period will stack until the enemy is unfrozen.
Free Killer Shotgun Bandit Not supposed to happen.

But it does anyway.

Low pellet count.  Upon getting a kill, pellet count will double for 30 seconds.  Getting another will add more.  This can stack 3-5 times.
Boom Stick E-Tech Shotgun Torgue Even more beyond groovy Emulates the Boom Stick.  Double Fire Rate, +100% Reload Speed.  Projectiles have large blast radius and can not score criticals.
Medusa E-Tech Pistol Maliwan I guess you could say you got stoned. Average E-Tech Pistol.  However, projectiles that make impact will cause enemies to freeze in place and appear to be turned into stone until detonation.  Projectile longtivity increased.
Crux Shotgun Tediore Give me your undead! High elemental chance.  Mandatory Corrosive Element.  +50% Fire Rate
Masher Pistol Any Shotgun Pistol. Pistol Shotgun. A balanced weapon system. Largely increased damage, +5 pellets (+11 if there is a double accsessory).
Orion Sniper Rifle Maliwan You can't ignore me. Invisible, bouncing projectile.  Upon impact the projectile will split into 3.  Massively increased DoT Damage and Gun Damage.
Ajax the Orge Assault Rifle Vladof SMASH! BASH! CRASH! DASH...wait what? Fires explosive rounds.  Massively increased fire rate and incredible all around stats. 
Rhino Roaster Launcher Maliwan Isn't that illegal? Massive blast radius.  While in flight, it explodes violently.  Each time is based off of distance.
Dove-Hornet Pistol Dahl Infinity effect.  Always corrosive. 
Merlin Ball Shield Pangolin The German Kurtain. When shield is depleted, it will project a force field that will quite nearly stop bullets and other projectiles in their tracks, and then let them fall to the ground harmlessly.
Miss Moxxi's Sapper Zapper SMG Hyperion What?! The whip is electrified?! All damage done restores BOTH shields and health.  Always Shock.
OmegaCharge Shield Anshin Insert religious quote for reasons. Incredible Health bonus.  Can resist non-elemental and Slag damage. 
Event Horizon Grenade Mod Hyperion Unstopabble. Map wide effect and AOE.  Anyone at the center of it will recieve absurd damage.
Munch Man Shield Vladof WAKKA Shield has a chance of absorbing any and all damage.
Subduction Zone Sniper Rifle Maliwan Recycled. Incredible blast radius.  Always incendiary.  Very high damage and proc rate.
BLaaaaaAaARG E-Tech SMG Bandit SHOOP! Ridiculous fire rate (20-40), projectiles are instead beams of energy that are instantanous.  Ammo consumption is cut in half after a kill.

Even more.  Because...REASONS!

see also

Forum:New Legendary Weapon Ideas for (links to) a collection of community submitted weapon and item ideas. cheers.
Fryguysigwob 12:30, November 1, 2013 (UTC)